Monday, October 20, 2008

Bloglines and underwear

Anyone out there use bloglines? Mine has been acting weird lately...I get no updates on some blogs, then ten all at once. NOT what I had in mind...and it doesn't update...I through a couple of blogs into the blogger aggregator, and there were two there that were more than two hours old that just didn't show up on bloglines.

Is it me?

Saw a woman today wearing...get, a bra (I could see large sections of it), underwear, evidenced by panty lines, a wooly toque with long dangling pompoms from the ear flaps that looked like extravegant hippy braids and a black of those your mama wore under an entire know it has a top and the bottom connected. It had some nice lace trim at the neck and around the skirt.

I know this because this is all she was wearing. She was a big strapping sane looking girl.

I wondered if I should mention to her that she seemed to have forgotten to put on her dress this morning.

Bra straps showing I continue to struggle with.

Open back dresses with regular bra straps creating deep creased horizontal lines across the back...ick.

The entire dress missing?


Gotta check that mirror in the morning before you go out hon.


Anonymous said...

must have been a pretty odd sight. You didn't take a picture? :p

Lynda said...

It takes all kinds... I have an issue with 'bra straps showing' even after going through years of my older daughter rolling her eyes each time she wanted to leave the house and I would mention it...

Somedays, I see people dressing like that and wish I had enough self-confidence to pull it off too... why do we really care?

kate said...

I'm guessing that in your town it's unlikely that she's a "professional"-- otherwise that would have been my guess!

hulagirlatheart said...

Bra straps that are intentionally shown is a problem for me, too. It just seems unfinished somehow. This dress thing must be a growing trend. We just saw a young woman last week that appeared to be wearing a slip for a dress.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the bra-strap thing is just kinda . . . ack!

The way some people dress leaves me scratching my head.

oreneta said...


Lynda, I do wonder why we care at some level...then again, walking around town in a full slip? Why?

Kate, she didn't look professional at all, so to speak.

Hula, you saw the same? I occasionally show a strap around the house, but if I go out?!?! No.

Trish...I do wonder sometimes.

Katrina said...

Myself, I don't have the time, money or inclination to have the right kind of bra for every shirt I own.

What's the big deal about a bra strap sisters? C'mon, loosen up.

dawn said...

I have RSS and I find sometimes if someone has done a change to their blog it no longer comes up. It amazes me what people wear and don't wear.

oreneta said...

Katrina...I know what you mean....but I still just kinda....maybe it's the world I work in...a little formal I guess. Not really formal, but a little....

Dawn, Hmm, that's a thought...I'll have to see if that is part of the problem. I know what Katrina means...we should loosen up, and I am getting used to the bra strap thing...but the slip...hmmmmm