Saturday, October 4, 2008

climbing up

Watching youngest play basketball in neat.

Every week she improves. (they still lost, though she played a LOT better)

I wish I could say that about all (or any) of my endeavours.

Though, actually, maybe my Catalan is.

That steep part of the learning curve is fun, don't you think?

night night.


ps...went sea glass hunting, you should see what I just may tomorrow too! LOVE the beach.

Also had some of this summers fresh ripe right now on the trees almonds...fried and salted. Can I just mention that they tasted like ALMONDS, you know like when you smell the almond extract. Have you ever tried that stuff in hot chocolate. mmmmmmmmm


Carla said...

sea glass??? Did you say sea glass?? LOL Ohhh...I want to see a picture!!!

oreneta said...

here you go hon, hope you like it...when do you head off to Hawaii..must be soon.