Monday, October 6, 2008


Virgina Woolf was able to support her writing habit as an early feminist and socialist based on the labour of her (extensive) house staff.

Paid twice to go to BCN because the station had no ticket booth, nor machine. I was forced to ride illegally, then pay to get off, and pay to get onto the subway again. Ho hum

We did PRONOUNS at Catalan class. They are outrageously complicated and I was praying/hoping/entreating the powers that be that the teacher would cover them on a day I would be there (I have to miss 2 of the 5 days) and she DID!!!!

Playing basketball with youngest if FUN.

Moving a boat from another continent is a hassle, but with friends and family like we are lucky to is a dream. A pricey dream, but NICE. Friends are going to prep the boat, and my Dad will meet it. HOW good is that?

I am not thinking about MP3's after Eldest blanked hers out. Just switching that out for now.

E-mails are inefficient means of communication for complex situations.

We started English homework today, those girls have some TOUGH spelling words.

Chuck found and ran away to eat a hamburger bun on our walk. Got put on the leash for that IN THE MOUNTAINS. Bad dog.

Had to write a letter in Catalan to Eldest's main teacher who is.....the Catalan teacher. Good lord, I hope there weren't tooooooo many mistakes.

Better than her English I'd bet anyway.

Ja està... a bit of Catalan for all of you. It means, that's it.

Time for bed, goodnight,



Anonymous said...

Ohhh I get all paranoid when I have to write notes to teachers - afraid I'll get it back with red marks all over it. I guess old anxieties die hard.

oreneta said...

It is easier here, though I get anxious, but they don't EXPECT me to do it know, ignorant foreigner and all....