Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Stayin' on the farm.

Ýou know those days when you've done so many things it starts to feel like you've been through about three days in one, and what you did that morning seems impossibly distant? Yeah...I know that feeling too.

Thanks for the crossed fingers, I am in level 3!!! *double arm pump* I'm holding my own too so least better than the guy next to me.

One of the things I did today was to dash to the weekly market just as it was closing when I got in from BCN....

My favourite market lady and I were talking about her daughter, who I helped with English for a few weeks last year....she is delightful, and going to school from 3pm to 9:45 pm...what a schedule...she is doing the equivalent of the last two years of high school...or community college, I am not sure which. She is doing a course in administration, and business to prepare her for what she has always wanted to do. She wants to be a farmer like her Mom. Cool, eh?

Another generation on the farm, and her Mom is completely delighted that she loves the lifestyle, bringing up plants and animals and caring for their land.

Makes me feel good.

It is also great to know that there are families that care about where the food comes, and care about providing it. Knowing where our food comes and that it has been grown there for generations is good, and sadly, not so easy to find these days.


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS on your successful course change!!!
Am fighting to get up and go to the local market 8 blocks down the road - a drizzling rain always starts up the minute I carry my bike down two flights of stairs and struggle out through the too narrow door!!!
Need it to get the potatoes etc home.
Is the better job in the neighbouring town still on hold? GM

Anonymous said...

W00t on your level three!

Great story about the farmer and her daughter - nice to know people like that :)

Anonymous said...

there really are few people nowadays who really want to be farmers, that's a really good thing that she is so motivated for it :)

oreneta said...

GM, yeah I skipped the work in the neighbouring town, too much travel time and too little time with the family, I got more work in town, less money per hour, but a better style of'll have to get a babushka cart...I got one here, it even has a rain hood!

Trish, thanks...I'm happy, and I am already learning a is neat to know these folks.

LP, in France too? They seem a fairly militant group there.

dawn said...

So true, and it is getting more scarce with the difficulty in paying for the farm. I love that my family farms and we can work together to have so much of our food. If I could only get my garden up to snuff. At least this year my potatoes were better than in the past. There is hope.

Congrats on getting in the level 3 class. I so know the days you are referring to when this morning feels like it was 2 days ago.