Friday, October 3, 2008

too tired for wit.

I've got a cold settling in. The flu is called the 'grip' in Catalan, as in: it has you in it's grip. Don't think I have that anyway.

The school was closed this afternoon (welcome to Spain), the hunter is cooling her heels till Monday.

The books that we have been waiting and waiting for are all in. Why they didn't call me to tell me that they have arrived? I am not sure why. That WAS the arrangement.

Moving the boat is suddenly going very very quickly...on a Friday of course, and the office manager of the boat yard is gone on vacation as of today too. Ho hum.

Can't hear out of my left ear properly...getting a cold.

Nap scheduled for tomorrow...for sure.

Despite all that, I'm doing OK and it has been a nice day.

Spent the break at my Catalan class running the halls searching for a guy from my class last year, the only American I know here...I was SO dying to talk to someone about the VP debate...did it make you squirm and turn away upon occasion as well as make you tremble with fear? I was stunned by it. Many times. Not in a good way. At all.

OK, this is fast developing into an obsession..this presidential election.

God's will it seems.


Anonymous said...

Do take time off to take care of yourself -the school year has just begun!
Did you find the Am student to have a chat?
I get so upset and uptight I have to turn TV off.
Otherwise it's impossible to sleep at night!
When I read the godawful stuff they spout it's easier to take!!GM

Lynda said...

Time out -- and that is an order!! Hot tea, lemon, honey, a soft silk scarf around your throat, a cashmere blanket over your knees... Some vicks on your chest (that might be an Aussie thing) - Get one of the sprogs to put a chicken in a pot with carrot, celery & leek - cover with water and bring to the boil, then let it simmer for 1.5 hours.... soup on the stove always makes everything better.

oreneta said...

GM...time off...may happen tomorrow I hope....let's see.

Lynda...working on it. fleece jacket and a scarf vicks...don't know where to buy it here...maybe tiger balm.

Veggie sprogs are a drag when it comes to chicken noodle soup...I think I will make it anyway. Is anything open tomorrow so I could buy a chicken? Hmmmm. Hot lemon and there's an idea... I also have a ton of limes.

carla said...

I do hope it is a mild grip. get better soon!

I caught mine about 2 days ago from DH. Mine seems mainly in my throat. I'll commiserate with you from Calif.

Anonymous said...

and in French it is "grippe". I never really got the hang of why it was called "influenza" in english. Doesn't sound english at all :p