Monday, March 23, 2009

A girry no more

Pronounced giddy, as in, "I am giddy with laughter".

Is that how I spell that word???

Anway, I went into BCN today...and I may look like a girry (tourist from N Europe), walk like a girry, but I am no longer a girry.

Two ways I know.

1. When I went into the embassy I was not there because my passport had been stolen, rather I was looking into getting it renewed.

When I tell people that the pickpockets in this city are beyond a joke, I am not kidding and the line at the consulate on a Monday morning attests to that. The victims effectively shut down the consulate every Monday.

2. I was looking at all the girries today wandering around dressed in sandals, sundresses, t-shirts, shorts...and realised that I was still wearing my winter shoes, socks, jeans, an undershirt, long-sleeved shirt and a fleecy jacket thankyouverymuch. No sunglasses either, and I had on sunscreen so I wouldn't look like a beet at the end of the day. Though someone commented I looked more tanned....seems I am now tanning easily....don't really understand that, but whatever.

3. I found myself giving advice to a Catalan today. In Catalan. For an hour.

Starting to blend in here it seems...

Then again, youngest has been invited to 2 first communion (?) ceremonies here, this is a BIG deal, and I am going to have to do some asking around so we don't screw up our part in the events, and, you know, look like hopeless girries.

Speaking of Youngest, she had a rather dramatic hour this evening. My kids have to watch out. She was sitting peacefully reading an Archie comic when I asked the man to phone the dentist for an appointment to see if a stubborn tooth should be pulled from youngest's head. 10 minutes later she found herself in the dentist's chair with pliers in her mouth.

She was a very good sport.

And she had been asking to have it pulled.

Gotta roll with the action around here.

You know,

in not-girry land.

Pau i amor



Beth said...

“Girry.” What a great word.
And speaking to a Catalan in Catalan for an hour? You do fit in!
As for that speedy trip to the dentist - I need way more time to summon up the courage to go. Is the tooth fairy dropping by tonight?

Diane Mandy said...

Gosh I hope I can be like you some day!

She said...

Awesome word! Being able to communicate in Catalan for that length of time speaks volumes about your accomplishment!

About the dentist, well, I flinched reading that part!

Anonymous said...

NOW I have an excellent reason to tell eldest son why they tooth fairy did not show up between this morning before school when his tooth fell out and this afternoon when he got home from school - he was busy checking out youngest's trip to the dentist! What a sport she sounds like!
Is Pau i amor anything like "czesc, czum, pa?"
Joanne Vive La France (who still cannot get back into her blogger id ;-)

oreneta said...

Beth, the tooth fairy leaves a bonus if it is ripped out, and in some ways, it is better to not have to time to worry...she is a trooper.

Diane, well, you'll pull it off, I wish my Catalan were better, it still frustrates me so much.

She, I flinched too. More than she did. Poor thing.

JVLF! Congrats to eldest on losing a tooth!!!!

Pau i amor, from a hippy chic, peace and love....what is czesc, czum, pa mean? You work different finger muscles typing Polish....

kate said...

Güiri, at least en castellano, though it would be interesting to find out the origin of the owrd. And yes, you have definitely left those days behind (if you ever were one!) I'm so impressed with the Catalan for an hour!

At our house, unfortunately, the Ratoncito Perez (tooth fairy) myth has been busted, after oldest's only second tooth to be lost. It seems he asked my husband whether RP was real (at 6!) and dh, instead of redirecting and being noncommittal ("What do you think? Hmmm.") as an initial strategy, spilled the beans. And Oldest was not happy, because even though he asked, he didn't really want to know... Plus, we also have a 4 year old who still wants to believe-- we'll see how that plays out in a couple of years.

Anyway, good for Youngest on being such a good sport!