Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Going with the flow.

I have been sitting here in front of the screen scanning through the day in my mind, and then searching through the last few days, and I am coming up blank.

Is that a function of tiredness, or of a life lived without thought...

An interesting question.

Was today sufficiently mundane that there is nothing striking that caught my mind?

The man still has work. Good.

I spoke with one of the women who got laid off, and she is struggling, but OK.

I had a glorious walk in the hills with the dog, and found two asparagus shoots which I ate raw on the spot with the juice scenting my fingers.

I felt discouraged about my never improving Catalan, and chatted with a woman learning Spanish with incredible skill.

I tried on a couple of pairs of jeans. I am clearly not the same shapeas what is typical here...they were too long...(though that is the fashion, not mine thankyouverymuch), too tight, and then had this weird bag in the back like I could store my books in there or something.



How is it that a plain old pair of jeans can fit SO badly.


I dropped into a shoe store just too look. They didn't have my size, my feet are too big it seems.

Weirdness abounded today.

Now you are getting a stream of consciousness post, cause that's all there is folks...at least this evening.

Wishing for a more reflective tomorrow.

Hope you had a good one,



She said...

Sometimes those "going with the flow" and "mundane" days are just what we need to be able to keep keepin' on!

Relieved to hear that "The Man" still has work!

Beth said...

Whatever blogging affliction you might be suffering from, it may be catching. I’ve noticed a dearth of posts lately from various blogs (my own included - yours excluded…). In my case, I don’t think it’s due to a life lived without thought – more due to a life with too much happening, too much thought, too many distractions.
And I can't imagine you ever living a life without thought!

Anonymous said...

I've been bugging sales clerks in shops for years.
Here's hoping "the pubic area and buttock-crack look" in jeans disappears sometime soon.
The waists on some are starting to climb!!!GM

oreneta said...

She, we are all releived that the man still has work...and yes, not all days can be astonishing...

Beth, I'm back again today....it is odd how things go in waves....

GM, one day, pleasepleaseplease they will get some pants in for people who want to keep their butts in their pants....