Sunday, March 29, 2009

Modern art

There was a little boy, about one and a half chortling gleefully about the little strings on posts that the Tate Modern had so kindly provided for him to run his hands along as he walked.

Something for everyone there.

Tomorrow the painting starts.

Bring it on.

ps. youngest is right. I really really like blue paintings.

maybe that's why I love the Bahamas so much. All that blue as far as the eye can see.


Jason, as himself said...

I've yet to go to the Bahamas to experience all that blueness. I can't wait.

Beth said...

Today is THE day - hope you can dabble in blue!

oreneta said...

Jason, gonna have to go....

Beth...sadly, no blue today, but it was good.

She said...

Just catching up! Wonderful journey/adventure you're on!

I like blue, too!

Is this why your blog background is blue?!