Saturday, March 21, 2009


Youngest got trounced in basketball today...82 - 19. OUCH. The other team was WAY better, though the ref sucked too...honestly, that boy was blind. Actually he was a little lazy and was always behind the play...he just hung around center court.


It was a full 1 hour drive each way...chatting in Catalan with a parent. You remember those truly hellish tiny children's birthday parties where you have to STAY cause the kids are really too little to be left alone, but you neither know, nor care to know any of the other moms, but you are stuck making small talk for freaking HOURS! GAWD how I hated that. Now try it in Catalan, on the highway with a man with a weird accent, I understood about 6 words in 10 and had to piece the rest together. Eventually I got tired of it and started going on a bit on my own. At least I understood what I was saying.

Then....get a load of this....then I had a three hour nap!!! SWEET!!!!!

Eldest woke me up saying that both of the girls wanted to go and walk in the hills with the dog (and a bag of candy)...hello....I must still be dreaming!

My freaking halo is glowing too as I finally kicked my to do list IN. THE. BUTT!!!!!

(OK, there is still some more on it, but let me pretend things are much better, m'kay?)

There is a great Catalan saying that we tend to build houses from the roof down...which means we do the stupid little things that have immediate deadlines and never have time for the big things. I had a wicked freaking backlog of e-mails, and and and and....plowing through it all....and that is good.

Tomorrow, kill off the rest of the list, maybe a nap, walk the dog...and maybe take Eldest to the Dr. She can get herself the weirdest ailments, now that little flap of skin that attaches your upper lip to your gums seems to be infected. Every heard of that before? Me neither. Plus Chuck's ear is bugging him. Given the number of ticks I have picked off the beast I am wondering if one has taken up residence in there.

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to the vets we go!

One more person got laid off at the man's work this week, but so far we're still standing.

I suspect this is going to be one of those times when you don't realise that you are actually wickedly stressed out, but when you look back on it all, you realise that you were strung up tight as a drum....

Here's to long naps and sunny days! Maybe I'll go to the beach tomorrow. That might just be the plan.

cheers, and hug the one you love!

Pau i amor



Carla said...

I remember the days the kids played sports. The hour drive each way is a bit far....

Poor Chuck.. does the vet have a cool little liquid packet called Advantage in the US? You open it up and squirt it on the back of the dog's neck where they can't lick it off. Ticks and fleas and other critters go bye-bye for a month or more.

hulagirlatheart said...

To naps and sunny days!! Three hours?! I'm so jealous.

I hate small talk.

Mar said...

Naps and sunny days. Pau i amor. That's the closest to paradise!!

A British blog friend is coming to BCN for four days so we are planning a meet up. Then a mutual American blogfriend (I have been reading her blog forever, even before I started to blog) told me one of her blog friends is moving to BCN. So I asked back, saw her url, visited...and oh, surprise, she is the one YOU know!!
It's a small (blog) world after all!

Beth said...

No wonder you take an occasional nap - the pace you keep is amazing.
Here's to glowing halos! I managed to cross off 3 BIG THINGS from my To Do list yesterday.

Helen said...

In the UK the same anti-flea and tick stuff is called Frontline. We always used it because of the ticks, and because ticks carry a disease which can be fatal to dogs. One of Matt and Sue's dogs had it I think - or a friend's dog did. As we walk the dogs in sheep country it is well worth using. Basically it kills off the fleas and ticks if they do hop aboard. Good stuff.

oreneta said...

Carla, yes she does, and I am going to go by tomorrow and pick it up, along with doggie treats, and a vaccine for his chuckbacca-ness.

Hula, the nap was GRAND.

Mar, teeny tiny little blog world, they are so lying about there being 60 million blogs out there....

Beth! Congrats!!! Killing off the to do list isn't fun, but it is a good feeling to not have the crap hanging over you.

Helen, picking it up tomorrow, the ticks have just sort of appeared, there were none, and now there are tons, they have caught me a little flat footed...

She said...

I need a LONG NAP about now! March is such a full month, and my seniors, while awesome and wonderful, start getting that ITCH to graduate around this time!!!