Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yes, yes yes, I'll be NICE. Gonna get an ulcer one of these days, but I'll be nice.

Putting on my witch hat to deal with Eldest's school. Again.

They have this handy-dandy system for managing communication between the parents and the students. The kids have an agenda they have to carry around with them everywhere...and there is a space in the back where the parents can leave a note for the teacher.

This is far from a bullet-proof system.

The first obstacle of course is the teenager who with a mixture of horror, disdain, embarassment and sheer adolescent stubborness needs at least two days and several *ahem* reminders to actually show it to the teacher.

The system, however, dissolves entirely if the teacher then says they will look at the note next week.

Not good enough

When she then goes and breaks a leg (purely to disrupt my life) the system weakens further, and when said adolescent comes back saying she didn't want to show the note to the *)@#(*&@#@ math teacher because she looked like she was having a bad day..........

let me show you what a bad day looks like, mkay?

Not good enough

I called the school today, the head of studies was out.

I'll call tomorrow morning as well.

You know, dealing with the parents is part of the job.


She said...

Yes. It's a necessary part of the job. Called two parents this week! (Had to help my precious student teacher call a dad just today! It can be nerve wracking when one is new!) Good Luck!

Beth said...

Go get em, tiger! You are a force to be reckoned with.
Do not get an ulcer - you don't have to be that nice!

J.G. said...

Sounds like another good post is on the way. Maybe a series! :-)

swenglishexpat said...

Is that your blood I hear boiling? ;-)

elpadawan said...

why don't you put a note in the agenda, for the head of studies? Who knows, it might work :D

oreneta said...

She, thank you....I think it is part of the job too.

Beth, I don't think I will really get an ulcer, I think that I have to actually be nice all the time for that and I can't sustain it.

JG, You may be right about that one.

Swenglish, bubble bubble boil and trouble....

elP....I'd have to get eldest to show it to him, then...:p