Thursday, March 26, 2009



Now I will admit that the Canadian heathcare system is far from a utopian has flaws, no doubt.

The Spanish one is making me crazy.

I should be, and am, grateful to have fully subsidised health care.....but OMG.... When I go for a physical in TO, my wonderful Dr. does the works. Here, it requires four separate appointments. One for the pap, another for the internal, a third for blood and urine work and a fourth to actually listen to your heart and all that. Another apt for a mammogram, then another appointment to get the results rather than a phone call. The results of each appointment requires a seperate appointment....if you are lucky, you can double the up...not always.

It's like a freaking hobby for crying out loud.

When I had to get that skin cancer thing-y taken off my nose, here in Spain it required an appointment with the regular doctor, then an appointment with a dermetologist, who then sent me to a plastic surgeon, there was the first appointment to look at the thing (waiting time well over a hour), and then another appointment to remove it (months later).

In TO? An appointment with my Doc, who debated removing it on the spot; but it was kind of, um, obvious looking being on my nose and all, and being kind of, well, HUGE, so she sent me off to a dermatologist...who wants a mangled hole in the middle of your face. The second appointment, with a dermetologist, about a week and a half later (10 minute wait): he took one looked, took a photo and carved the sucker out. Done. *ouch*

Do they not realise here that people don't actually want to have this as a near second job/very involved hobby?.....if only we were paid for it.

Makes me NUTS.

My Gyn appointment was mysteriously cancelled on me...I found out when I got there. It was in a neighbouring town. Fortunately the friend who drove me over, out of the goodness of her heart, hadn't gone very far and now I have that handy-dandy cell phone!!!

I also have a whole slew of new appointments....all for some time from now.


Beth said...

No wonder you were putting off making appointments.
That system sounds like a means of increasing fees paid by patients.

You have my sympathy – making time for (and having to go to) one or two appointments is bad enough.

And you ended up with one being cancelled!

kate said...

Oh, yes, this totally sucks. Is it really too much to ask that the gyn actually perform a pap smear him/herself while doing the internal exam? Apparently it is-- that little manuever must be done in a lab at another time in another place. Guess it's too much work for them. Gah.

She said...

That is crazy making! And time consuming! Our system needs an overhaul in the US, but I have pretty good coverage as a teacher.

oreneta said...

Beth, I think it is one of those things to make sure that everyone has a job, it does start to feel a bit like those movies where you get in endless meaningless queues....

Kate...yes INDEED...I mean goodness, they are already rummaging around in there...what's so tricky about waving the magic brush around a bit while they are at it...I mean REALLY.

She....glad you have good coverage least I'm not paying for this personally.

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

I think I'll stay where I'm at, thank you very much. Especially now that we finally found a family Dr. She was referred to us by friends, is an ex-army Dr and pulls no punches. A bit uneasy with the undressing part but I figure if women can be brave and go to male gynecologists then I can go to a female Dr. At least she didn't laugh.

dawn said...

Wow, that does sound tedious. I find it difficult enough to make time to go to the doctor and for tests let alone that regiment. Good luck with all that.