Wednesday, March 18, 2009

well....we'll see what happens.

I have been assured that the math teacher will not be there next year.

I have been assured that Eldest, and her entire grade, will have the best math teacher in the school next year.

I have been assured that the head of studies will look into all the issues.

I have been assured that the head will speak to the Spanish teacher.

I have been assured that he will call me to tell me what has happened.

I have been assured that he will speak to the teachers about demanding that the students produce printed-from-a-computer homework for next day. It is a PUBLIC school. They don't ALL have computers!

I actually was openly scornful when he suggested that teenagers would tell their teachers that their parents were too poor to buy a computer. Viciously, openly scornful.

I have been assured that if I circumvent the official system of putting a note in the student's agenda for the teacher, and instead phone for an appointment, the teacher in question will call me back. (That didn't happen today by the way)

I actually accused the Spanish teacher of laziness.

I actually said that the Spanish teacher wasn't doing his job which, as a refresher, is teaching.

I actually said that the what has happened this year with the math course is a mass of stupidities.

I actually said that the math teacher does not appear to be able to do her job.

I actually asked why she didn't get mentoring.

I didn't actually slap myself on the forehead and shout, "DUH" when he said that maybe that would be a good idea.

I actually said that mentoring and supervision is something that should have gone on a long time ago.

I actually said that the current system of communication with the parents is totally inadequate, and that something needed to be changed on an institutional level.

I actually didn't mention the word racism when he said that we weren't really immigrants because we are not from Morocco or Africa. (An all too common sentiment)

I actually did, clearly, state that we are indeed immigrants just like everyone else who has come is not a dirty word.

I actually feel moderately, temporarily, warily patient.

If only his handshake had not been so extremely damp and weak, and if he had shaken hands with more than the ends of his fingers; like wobbling sun-warmed slimy jellied seaweed stalks.

I am also deeply disturbed by the heavy police violence against student protesters at the University of Barcelona today. As one of the Professors is an image we had hoped was past: police entering a University, armed and riot protected, police blocking doors to a University, police violently attacking students at the University.

Estic d'accord.

The head of the university ordered the police in.

....overnight there were more protests, the police violence has continued. Along with many many students, bystanders and journalists have been injured as well.


She said...

I thought about you and your meeting several times today!

I'm glad you documented everything you've been promised. Keep on them. It is vital that the needs of students be at the forefront of their minds.

I suspect it was exhausting, but it sounds like it may be fruitful.

And teacher mentoring is essential for all teachers -- ongoing. Not only do I mentor MANY teachers, I also have my own mentors at UCLA who help me with my own teaching practice.

Blessings to you!!!

Rob said...

Here's hoping for a better world. Really.

lillian said...

A mum on the roll.. way to go!!!! Lets hope something changes !

Anonymous said...

Of course you got talked about - and not just in the school's staff room. That kind of courage and confrontation sets off flashfires in the jungle telephone lines!
Keep the paintings - I want to see them next fall when I visit you! GM

Beth said...

You did it. Excellent.
A determined, well-prepared and intelligent parent (with a hint of anger simmering just below the surface but noticeable) is taken very seriously.
And now you have to watch for the follow-up.

(Shocking and saddening news re: events at the university.)

J.G. said...

Bravo! Sounds like you were awesome!

So disturbing about the violence at the university. Wrong on so many levels.

Helen said...

Well done you!

Anonymous said...

Could you come with me to talk to G's school please? I think I could use your help - and it might prevent me from ineffectually bursting into tears when I have to ask them why the hell I get a one line note in his agenda "He got 30% on the recent evaluations" with NO COMMENTS TO THAT! Sorry but - if he's a perfectly intelligent and normal child and he is getting 30% in the tests - - would that not indicate that perhaps YOU ARE NOT TEACHING HIM ANYTHING??????????????????????????
Anyway - on the upside - got the acceptance letter for the new school for September!
you know who ;-)

oreneta said...

She...thank you again for your helps to know what else is going on out there.

Rob, pau i amor hombre...pau i amor. Love and peace.

Lillian, let's see if it was all hot air anyway...

GM...this is a VILLAGE!!! Of course I got talked about, but I get talked about a lot I suspect...what the heck can you do?

Beth, YUP. Boy they are just going to LOVE me..hehehehehe

JG, thank was terrible, especially considering the recent history of struck a nasty nasty cord for many people.


Hi there IKW....I would be delighted to go in and talk to the teacher and you is so hard because we are so involved and so comparatively powerless....gahhhhh....Honestly though, if you want to chat with me about it, I will be happy to. Glad you got that acceptance letter!!!

Beth said...

good job Rocky!!! give 'em hell!!! and keep on them too....and a limp handshake is the WORST! YUK.