Sunday, March 22, 2009

To the MOON!

First thing I have to say:

NEVER ever ever ever buy a zune. I have never met software more difficult to use, more prone to bizarre failures and more prone to crashes.


NEXT: I totally kicked my to do list out the door. Wanna know what I did? I fixed the wifi, fixed eldest's zune*sigh*, did a giant freaking 7 page academic medical translation into Catalan (took freaking HOURS), did all the stuff I have to do for work here (hours more), and in TO (ditto), finalised the last camp, contacted folks about ordering trees from the States for a friend here, made a new calender, wrote a critical e-mail(more than once), answered every last e-mail I had to (no more obnoxious little gold stars looking at me accusingly), made a dr appointment, made a dentist appointment for youngest, took eldest to the Dr (she's OK), got all my painting supplies organisied for the week after next, and made a list of what I need, including getting the freaking suitcase out, ate, fed kids, cooked dinner, sorted laundry and damn it, I finished the freaking list.

And I got to go walk in the hills with the whole family!

Want to know what the last thing on the list was? A home pedicure. I am, as I type, sitting with my feet in a big bucket of hot water. Mmmmmmm.

Didn't make the beach though.

I'd be surprised if you can't see my halo glowing from all the way over there.

Something else I wanted to mention that I find just lovely here right now. Want to know what the latest craze in toys is? Not the wii, not game is a wooden top with a pull string like our folks/grandparents used to play with. That and scooters.

Just have got to love that.

has tagged me with a liar's meme. Looks like fun, and I'll give it a go.


For now... a book, a bucket of warm water, then bed.

Hope you had a great day..

Pau i amor



hulagirlatheart said...

Holy Cow! That list made me tired just reading it. I SHOULD have finished my to do list this afternoon. Instead, I took a nap. I'm not really regretting it. I may tomorrow, but not today.

elpadawan said...

Zune is Microsoft. Microsoft is evil. I hate to say I told you so, but...

I told you so!

*This message was brought to you by the anti-M$ foundation. Sent from Firefox, under Linux*


Well, at least you fixed it :)

Anonymous said...

hey babe - check out this blog: for friends of Ted's from Cordon Bleu who are also boaty foodies and who we had dinner with last night. They are very cool! And there are some pictures of Ted and his graduation on there.
I wish my to do list was as decimated as yours - no such luck - it tends to find itself completely on the back burner come weekends :-) Love ya!

Beth said...

There was a really bright light irritating my eyes earlier today – damn that halo of yours! Finished your list and managed a walk in the hills?? Puts me to shame.

I love the title you gave the meme – “a liar’s meme.” Looking forward to the challenge of spotting your lies!

Helen said...

That is exhausting to read. Hope you enjoyed the pedicure.

oreneta said...

Hula, I have to confess that I am on a roll, I kicked todays list back to the farm today too! Though it wasn't half so bad, and much more do-able. I don't do this often, but when I do!!!


When I get my next computer can you help me with the linux set up?

What kind of MP3 do you have???? Don't say an iPod, I'll be so very disillusioned :-p

Love you too anon, that is indeed a very cool blog, I spent an hour searching through it...they seem like a really neat couple. Nice lifestyle, eh?

Beth, that's what it is, no?

Sorry about the won't last, I promise.

Helen. That's about the size of it. The pedicure was good, but I have to put the bucket on something other than the tile floor, I could feel the cold creeping up through the bottom, sort of destroyed the illusion of luxury. As much luxury as there is with both feet crammed into a green plastic bucket that normally is used for mopping the floor or washing brushes.....

She said...

I have no idea what a "zune" is!

And pedicures are the BEST!

oreneta said...

A Zune is microsoft's answer to the ipod, not much of an answer either.