Saturday, November 28, 2009


Had a visit with the architect and his buddy.  They showed us the latest version of the plans, which were at least mostly correct.  This is a Good Thing.

He also had a breakdown of the numbers for the work.

Aside from the fact that they are higher than the cost of the house, and that the carpenter alone is making more than the annual gross income of many people is interesting.

So you know, we are putting in new drains and gas, new water pipes and electricity, a massively renovated roof, three (very small) bathrooms, converting a crap room out back to a dining room, and putting in a place for the washing machine.  We also have to replace the front door...not a small undertaking as it is big enough to pull a horse and carriage through.

The price seems high.

They had the work broken down by zones and by trade.

I am breaking it down again by what we get for the buck...for instance the bathroom downstairs should cost us - approximately - 2,500 Euros, while our bathroom will be - approximately - 5,700 and the kid's 7,300.  This is by their numbers.

They want 10,000 EUROS to paint the house!!! WHAT!!!!!


It's 15,750 for the roof and that is a MASSIVE job....UMMMMMmmmmmm, me thinks not.

It should be an interesting process from here on in.

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go.....


Beth said...

And watch out for those tempting “extras” they start suggesting once the building process is underway – wow, can they ever add up!

J.G. said...

Shopping is fun, paying for things is not. I'm sure you'll get good value if you double-check and supervise as you have been doing so far. Cut the corners you can and splurge when you must. What a great adventure!

Will someone want your old front door? Maybe you can recoup some of the cash.

Lynda said...

Ok ok ... I get the hint... yes, I have JUST finished painting a 4 storey house from top to bottom...I guess for half the quote you already have Plus airfare, accom. tapas and plenty of spanish red wine... I could fit you into my schedule. ;)

But seriously... I might just be able to help... I know someone how knows someone... send me an email at lulusbay and I will let you know the details. Never know it might be helpful.

Helen said...

Odd the differences in bathroom prices - it must be those gold taps.

Anonymous said...

bargaining, bargaining, bargaining. Latin and Asian cultures are very fond of the thing. And it's only natural for them to put the high price first, expect rolling eyes, and then lots of talking, negotiating, with large hand gestures, and then, settling down on a price. But when you target 7000, start at 10000, so that when you settle for 8000 it seems like you're doing a favor. Rule #1 in negotiations.

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

Crikesy! I know one should never say never, but I really think we will never be rehabbing a house like THAT! Maybe I just don't have that sense of adventure but I really can't see us being patient enough to go through all the processes that are involved in a project like yours. You certainly have more chutzpa than I ever will have. LOL!

Thanks for the update, and keep 'em coming!

oreneta said...

Beth, that I knew, the trick is getting the architect to firm up every last detail so that things don't crop up.

Hula, what we are going to do is get bids independent of the architect and see what happens. We did nearly the same job on our house in Canada, and let me tell you, it wasn't even a quarter of the price this guy is telling us.

Lulu, I think I may just be sending you an e-mail.

Helen, I know, I just couldn't resist!!

ElP, been there, done that, we are already at stage 2 of that negotiation, which is the shoulder shrug and turn away cause the price is so ridiculous you cannot even imagine talking about it.

I don't know if it is chutzpa Doug, or stupidity.

Ho hum.