Monday, November 2, 2009

Going on some trips!!!! Life is good.

Just booked tickets to go to MADRID!!!


I love me some internet ticket gratifyingly FAST!  IMPULUSE....PURCHASE, You're GONE!!!

(gonna see the Guernica, and Goya and Velasquez and el Greco and Ortiz and Van Gogh and Monet and Renoir and Degas and and and and ooooooooo!!!!!!!)  

Gonna go to the Prado, and the Reina Sophia modern art museum maybe, and the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza definitely...and we will have to buy lots of icecream to keep youngest happy...but she has GOT to see some of this stuff....they both do....OMGOODNESS!  I am SOOOO overexcited.

Been dying to go...SO sweet.

Still have to book hotels, etc....

but the tickets are bought so we are OFF!

Gonna do me some travelling in the next month...Vic one day soon, I am off to Wales at the end of the month, then Madrid in December, plus we are going to go away for a few days after Xmas.  


and the architect is making suitably submissive comments, phoned AND left a message, plus two emails and set up an appointment for tomorrow morning.  Let's hope it keeps up.

Fingers crossed.

If nothing else, the travels away will give me a break from wanting to.....well, let's not go into what I wanted to do to him for now.

OOOOHH and triple woot, though this one isn't quite as exciting as trips away and subservient architects, but work is sending me into BCN for two mornings this week and next to do some course work....SO excited.  Maybe that sounds sad, but it should be really I am doing prep work for one in house course/workshop we are doing, and presenting the other one.  Gonna have to find time to work that one out, aren't I.

Big fat hope you had a great day...mine was pretty darned good all around.




Beth said...

A WOOT X 3 Day!! How often does that happen?
Despite expecting otherwise, my day ended up totally excellent, too - although no trips planned. Life is full of surprises.

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

Ha ha ha. I am laughing so hard after reading this. GOOD for you on all those WOOTS! Sounds like exciting times coming up. I had a mini-woot at work today. Found out we got a big grant and will be upgrading our software big time and can do a couple of other things. It is good news for us, small publisher that we are, and will give me some really good challenges at work. I was pretty excited about it. Of course it ain't like going to MADRID!!!

Congrats! And take lots of pictures.

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

OK, my smart ass other half just asked if you were going to the Prado. Apparently he has been there. Showoff that he is.

mmichele said...

I loved Madrid and wished we could have spent more time there, not at the Canadian embassy trying to get a passport.

Beauty is everywhere in that city.

oreneta said...

Beth, so glad your day turned out excellently...sweet when that happens, no?

Doug, I know what you mean though, it is exciting being able to go and do something new, to have new challenges at work, change things up. and Yes, we will be going to the Prado, most definitely!!! Then I will also show off on my blog. Wonder if they allow camera work in there...

Mmichele, hopefully we won't have to do that anyway....I am really looking forward to going.