Wednesday, November 25, 2009

update, food and books....not a bad combo.

Youngest much happier today, let's hope it holds......

I bought avocados at the market today.  Made guacamole of course, though it isn't the same with lemon juice, I like it a whole lot better with lime....still...what is it about guac that is just so terrifically yummy.....

Chuck the dog yawns when he is feeling stressed, or rather a strong emotion that he cannot express, such as disappointment when he realises we are not going to the mountains, or we are coming home after a shorter than hoped for that why we yawn too?  I know, I know, he's a dog and we aren't...then again, we are all mammals, no?

I am trying to get some books that eldest will really like in Spanish....and I think I am onto some with Carlos Ruiz Zaphon....she had to read one for school, and loved it.  I have to say that the Generalitat here can REALLY pick good books, she is reading the neatest stuff.....not like I remember, though she did have to read the Petit Prince...I have to confess to hating that book, but maybe if I hadn't been forced to read it in High School......Eldest said it wasn't THAT bad....then again, she says that Salman Rushdie is her favourite author, so she is not exactly your typical younger reader.....I'm going to have to work to keep up with her, I'm reading Terry Pratchet right now, which is a good fun romp...not sure it's in Rushdie's league though.

We are going to be making the students read some books, these are not set by the Generalitat, but rather by a different large organising body, who shall remain unnamed....they are dreary...Jurassic Park for crying out loud, and Through the Glass Of Mice and Men, not so bad, and I haven't read it yet...though Steinbeck is not noted for his humourous and light-hearted romps, it is on the 'should be read' list, no?  The final book is The Woman in White...which I've never heard of, and which sounds DREADFUL...but maybe it isn't...I just did some internet work...still sounds dreadful, dreadful and dated.  Good lord, where do they find this stuff?  It's a crime novel....sounds terrible...too bad they didn't chose the one written by Jostein Gaarder, of Sophie's World him or hate him, it might have been more interesting.

Why is this suddenly double spacing.  Gosh, I still don't like reading assigned texts...blech.

I do love avocados though.  Mmmmmm.  And the Georgian hot sauce/paste that a student brought me of those long slow burns.  Mmmmmm.


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I think it's the fat content of avocados that make them so irresistible. But apparently it's good fat, so indulge.

Teacher Mommy said...

I LOVE Pratchett. If you like him and also like books with a darker edge, try Neil Gaiman. They've even written a book or two together.

Beth said...

Of food and dogs and books and back to food...
Love it when you do these rambling posts. ;)

Lynda said...

Avocados and books.. always a good combo.

"Her favourite author is Rushdie."!!!! Did you drop her on her head when she was a babe? LOL wow impressive.

BTW, I had so much stress with blogger since I started posting again that I have reverted to
using Windows Live Writer... because I am in Germany, blogger won't spell check or let me cut and paste... drove me nuts! Was thinking of bunking off to wordpress or typepad...but I am too lazy to start again.

Mr Dear Husband has been in Spain again this week.. this time in Fuerteventura. Said it looked like he had landed on the moon. LOL

oreneta said...

Bodhi, you have just GOT to love the concept of good fat...mmmmm.

teachermom, I am just into my first book, I loved my aunt's comment that I have so much joy ahead of me!

Beth, glad you like them, I ramble frequently.

Lynda, I know, she is a freak....a delightful one though....I have freaky things happening with spell checkers, blogger won't spell check me here in Spain either, which explains all the errors that come through, that and blogging in the depths of the night when I should be so outrageously VARIED!!!

J.G. said...

No no no, The Woman in White is awesome! Check the book bloggers who are raving about it (, for one). It's great!

I read it has never been out of print since it was first published, which tells you something, plus it is one of the first works of the "sensational" genre. Good stuff from several angles.

Can you tell I like it a lot?