Sunday, November 22, 2009

It was smashing!

I feel almost British when I say that!

I was off at a wedding this weekend, I had to fly out for it, and it was MARVELOUS!!!

Below you can see the ring bearer, who was an absolute delight, though a little freaked out and left early.

It was all a wedding should be, lots of guests, a beautiful ceremony, unbelievably fantastic food,

wonderful to see some of my extended family, everyone had loads of was great....

It was an absolute delight all the way round, chatting, walking the dog, buying books, visiting, eating wonderful food, from the roast dinner on the first night which was amazing, to the fry-up breakfast on the morning of the wedding, to the wedding food itself, which was sublime, to the hot cup of tea I was woken up to this morning....oh my goodness, that was one of the best cups of tea I'd ever had....


There were also some outstandingly delicious cupcakes make by my Aunt, but I was so excited by those that I didn't get a pic...and this was the second round of cheese, I must have been so excited by the first that the picture is all blurred!

My family, I might add, are universally interesting and funny and it was so great to see them again....and frankly to get to know some of them much better.

I came back DRIPPING with books, I must have bought more than 20, and as I went off with only a fairly full normal school size knapsack, it was quite a trick getting them all home, along with the two pairs of tights, three pairs of stockings and five pairs of socks I also picked up.   You see, the airline would only allow ONE bag per person including can tuck a book into a lot of odd places if you have to.  For instance, with a good cuff, they will stay inside a coat sleeve....makes you look a mite oddly muscled, but it all worked out!

Wonderful wonderful weekend, and a big fat THANK YOU too all my family who made it so great.

Fabulous to see you all again!

nice to be back with my family in Spain too....and the weathers just a wee bit better as well.


Jason, as himself said...

Simply delightful! And I felt British when I said that, too!

mmichele said...

That dog looks nervous and like he really, really wants to do a good job.

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

Sounds like, MAYBE, just maybe, you had a good time. :o)

Those cheese look wonderful!

hulagirlatheart said...

It sounds and looks fabulous. I'm a sucker for a good meal and a beautiful wedding.