Saturday, November 14, 2009

House reno photos!

We went off, I think much more successfully this time, to look at house reno stuff.  I think I have found what I would like.  Details must of course be finalised.  Thought I'd give a peak of what we have in mind:

This will be for our bathroom floor.

This will be our bathroom is one of those sit on top jobs, that I for one, really like.

This will be the shower floor.  We will have a curtain not a glass door.  Hate those.  We will have to build a bit of a step to keep the water in  The walls will be white tile with a dark green trim, the step will probably be the same green.

This will be the floor in the girl's bathroom.  You have to work with me here a bit and ignore the plain tiles, only the blue ones will be down.  They are a good size, 9 by 9 inches or so...

and this will be their sink.  It too is a sit-on-top-like-a-bowl number, and I sincerely hope it will hide the toothpaste spit marks.  Their bathroom will have a tub with a shower in and a curtain.  The walls will be tiled white with a blue trim the same as the floor.  They want blue paint.  No problemo.  The sink looks nicer in real life than in the photos.

The downstairs bathroom and the rest of the house will have the tile on the right which is the one that most closely mimics what we have already....The one on the left is machine made, the one on the right, hand made.  The price difference isn't that big and we don't need many.

The sink in the downstairs bathroom:

We also have a problem in the main passageway which you can see from the street and, well, everywhere.  We have to tear up a strip through the whole length as the drain runs under there.  The drain, which drains the toilet as well, is a brick runway.  Bricks are porous.  Pause for a moment and consider the smell.


We have to tear it up.  the problem is that the old tiles are old and we are not going to be able to colour match, so instead we are going to use tile work to make it look like it was always there.  A kind of tiled carpet.  Imagine my delight when I found these:

We'll make a pattern with those and it will look like a carpet.

In the dining room at the back, we'll have these on the floor:

Same pattern, deeper tone.  Blue grey colour that I love.

In the kitchen for the doors, we'll probably use these:

and for the back splash I want to see if we can find something that will match the tiles that are in there already.

I didn't have a chance to eat breakfast before we went off, so I was a little hungry when we got back.  We stopped at the corner store and picked up lunch.  I had chicken stuffed with dates and bacon (OMG),  espinacs catalanes, which is spinach with raisins and pine nuts plus veggies that looked pretty average but tasted amazing.  I am not sure what they did.  I'll have to ask.

Then I had a nap.

OMGoodness, life is shaping up pretty nicely today.

and most welcome too.


dawn said...

Beautiful supplies; your bathrooms will be gorgeous. I look forward to when we add on and choosing the stuff, but I know it will be rather overwhelming when the time comes.

Glad you are feeling better and your daughter too. We have had things going around here too, but not H1N1 yet. Lots of commotion about the vaccine in our news though.

Funny about the Mac not being warm enough ;-) . I can see a warm laptop being an advantage when it is getting cool.

It is nice to visit your blog again.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

That's a lot of bathrooms. I hope you have a guest bathroom so when I come for a visit, I can fully enjoy all that tile. Because with all the talk and all the photos about where you live, I definitely want to come.

egaliede said...

Wow - I really love the blue sink and the dining room tiles.

Supremely jealous, actually - I'm currently painting my (rental) bathroom, and I really wish I had the freedom of choice that you have in redoing your bathrooms.

kate said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous! Wow, this is going to be one stunning home...

J.G. said...

Just lovely! You are going to create a lived-in masterpiece.

And we are all coming over to visit when it's done, and we'll make chicken with dates and bacon. How's that for a fantasy?!

I'm with you on the shower curtain thing. Doors are only good when someone else is willing to make it their life's work to keep them clean. Otherwise, yuck.

Helen said...

That dinner looks fantastic. The tiles too, and I love the sinks. Am not with you on the shower curtains which I hate and which go mouldy sometmes, but each to their own.

Beth said...

First of all- I am loving all of your choices in tiles and sinks. That aged, handcrafted look is my fave and I just know your house is going to be amazing!!
Secondly- your lunch does indeed look tasty!
Finally- ITA about shower curtains_ not effective and hard to maintain. Plus-do your girls really like tubs? We have a huge, lovely tub, but the kids all prefer the shower.
Just asking...

oreneta said...

Dawn, it was nice to have a peak at is a bit overwhelming at this stage, having to make all the decisions in advance for everything!

Bodhi, two three piece baths and one guest two piece downstairs. Indoors too!

egaliede, Rented for many years and we are moving out of a rental now. It has it's upsides...but choice is not one of them. Ages and stages.

Kate, Thankyou very much! Did you have to do much work when you bought???

JG, PRECISELY! I HATE squeegy-ing glass doors when I have just finished showering. I discovered that steel wool isn't too bad at getting those stubborn stains off, though I imagine it isn't recommended.

Helen, exactly. I personally love how you can put them in the machine and then hang them up again. You can clean them fully dressed, and they are easy to replace...but...we are all different, and that is a good thing!

Beth, I certainly hope it will be nice...we'll see how it plays out! Shower curtains...seems a hot topic! The glass door we have here in the apt? Leaks. Always has, always will. Plus it is a living mass of mildew that is uncleanable short of complete re-hanging and that says nothing about the daily n*ked squeegy work. *shudder*

The tub? Non-optional. I don't tub often, but when I want one, I really want one. This weekend for instance when I was sick. I felt SOOO much better. I would be sad without a tub. *sniff*

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

Great pics! Thanks for the update. And that meal sounds fantastic! We have crab cakes on tap for tonight, and whatever else I can conjur up.

oreneta said...

Crab cakes...mmmmm, I pitched a little hissy fit last night because of the ever increasing number of food restrictions in my little family. I served plain boiled everything. YUCK.