Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Good, not good.

Met with the builder and the architect today.  That was good.  The builder has another job and cannot start until at least February, that was not so good.  He can however do some of the investigative work that we are need done tomorrow, which is good.  He was honest enough to tell me he cannot start, which is very good indeed because otherwise he might have taken the job and then screwed us around which would have been very not good.  Sad he can't do the work though.

The architect is communicating much better.  That is good.

I have a lead on several other builders, some recommended by the architect (ummm) and some not.

Progress is in place.  GOOD!

Work today was utterly MAD, and so a number of things got put onto the back burner....which wasn't quite so good...but they will get done.

This is, I think, a downright boring post.

Let's see what I can do.....

1.  I am developing a tetris obsession.  This in not a good thing for anyone except my youngest daughter who is making lots and lots of kinscash and I am playing it on her webkinz account.  

2.  I am feeling rather impatient recently.  I don't think this is good.  Maybe I am not sleeping enough and I am up writing inane blog posts FAR too late at night.

3.  I have not touched a paintbrush in too long, and I don't really know what to do about it.  That is not good.

4.  The toilet is leaking, that is not good at all.

5.  My bright red cowboy boots have developed a hole in the upper.  Not good.  The world's best shoemaker is nearby, EXCELLENT!!!!  

6.  Still haven't taken down all the decorations, the joy of not living in the house where you throw the party!  Is that statement good or not good, or sort of a grown-up grey area in between.  Also, do you spell grey as gray or grey?  Also, did you understand that last question/sentence?

7.  We are nearly finished the Halloween candy, which is good, but I miss those little individual Reese's peanut butter cups.  Not so good.  I LOVE those and the kids hate them so I get them ALL!!!!  Anyone want to freeze some for me and I'll have them next summer?  Not quite the same.  

Now I know what to ask for when the next Canadian visitor comes.

Hmmmm, what British candy is really good....I'll be going there soon....that'll be good.

A big wave to you all, 



The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Tetris is not good. It is definitely addictive. I wasted days, nay - weeks, months on that and I had to give my Nintendo machine away just to be able to do something else with my life. I still miss it though. Crazy, huh?

J.G. said...

Sounds like you have a grasp on the whole good/not good thing. Even if you aren't sure how to spell gray/grey. What the heck? You hardly ever need to use it!

J.G. said...

P.S. I am enjoying the changing header photos, though I kind of miss the fishes. Are you going to keep rotating the photos? You have such great shots to choose from!

Beth said...

Of all the things you’ve mentioned, I zeroed in on your not having painted for awhile. I think (somehow!) you should make some time to nourish your soul. Everything else seems to fall into place or is easier to deal with when we do this.

hulagirlatheart said...

Uh, I ate a few Reese's Cups for you.

I feel your frustration on the builder/architect issue. It's darn difficult to get started.

oreneta said...

Tetris is the devil, but it is so compelling, and what's worse is you can even convince yourself you are developing your spacial relations blah blah blah .....

JG, I think the gray/grey thing is a UK/US spelling issue that I notice as a Canadian as we see both spellings....either that or I just can't spell well, and yes, I am going to keep changing the photos, I have another fish photo I could put up, not quite as pretty though...

Beth, honestly, I don't know where I would find the moments in the day....if I get that room at least I wouldn't have to spend a half hour each side getting set up and tidying up...

Hula, you are such a sweety....I imagine, hope you don't mind reliving it all vicariously through us.....at least you won't have to chose paint colours this time!

Helen said...

Uk chocolate is the best.

oreneta said...

Thank you! I may be looking for some boots too....and books....and maybe some socks.....and tights..