Friday, November 6, 2009

Mac! Hear me? My toes are cold.

On the purely news front:
  • Went to BCN today on that course. It was deeply interesting.  I spent two hours writing up my notes to bring into work. I had to write so fast, if I didn't do it tonight, I wouldn't understand it tomorrow.
  • Ended up a little late so I had to catch a cab to the place...that was cool
  • Ended up eating breakfast in BCN which was SUPER yummy...warm crusty baguette with a warm truita de patates and tomatoes smeared on the bread with olive oil.  Warm and crunchy and smooth and filling.  Oh my.  That and a coffee with was SWEET!
  • The architect is continuing to be good-so-far, we now have a meeting for next Tue for - get this - 4 hours!!!  We will go over contracts, systems, organisation of the project, and we will take a little road trip to a store in his car to look at and select the installations.  Homework required this weekend.
On to the real blog post.  Well, what constitutes the real post anyway and why is it that I think the news of my day is less important than the inanity below?  Weird blog world values.


It has gotten chillier here.  I am not calling for sympathy or anything because it is a very long way from cold and I will get NO sympathy at all.  That said, at night it is cool in the apartment, and all those lovely cooling giant easily opening windows coupled with the tiled floor (so lovely in summer) make for cold feet when sitting with the lap top at night.

Here is where the mac falls down in relation to the old PC.

You see, the PC runs a little, ah, hot.

We normally keep it on a book so we don't get so sweaty (I dread to think that it may be radiating all over us, I assume not).  It is really just the fan running (I hope), but on a cool - or cold - night my feet stayed warm.  All the blood flowing down there got a little heat treatment for part of the trip and it worked a treat. It isn't even really cold yet and my tootsies are down right chilly.

I wonder if I should contact Mac about the problem.

What do you think?


hulagirlatheart said...

Hmmm. Not sure. I guess it couldn't hurt.

J.G. said...

You might make some customer service person's day with that one!

P.S. A cat would solve your problem, or can you recruit Chuck?

Helen said...

tell them they need an app to run heat for cold feet

oreneta said...

Hula, I think it would be a slightly, ahhhh, unusual request.

JG, chuck doesn't do laps, feet for a while, but...and the cat...I'm allergic, but Chuck is hysterical. I'll have to get me some sheepskin slippers I think.

Helen, YES!! That's the language I'll need to use....

Anonymous said...

hmmm... I think the "laptop so not hot that it doesn't cook gonads" is actually a feature. ;)

oreneta said...

Ahhh, but I don't have gonads, they should have a men's and a women's model, one to prevent gonad cooking, and one to keep the feet warm, no?