Thursday, November 12, 2009

Found some pics.

Pretty, no?  Saw it last weekend I think, or the one before, it's been languishing in the camera what with all the illness I have been meandering through.

The tile below we are probably going to get for the two upstairs bathroom floors.  They are very small bathrooms, think maybe two square meters of open floor space.  I think I like it, though I'm not totally convinced yet.

This tile, which I really like, is a ridiculously expensive hand made tile.  Debating it for the kids bathroom, remember please that we are looking at MAYBE 2 square meters of floor....

What is really holding me back is that it is slippery, and I just don't want that.

Pretty though.

I find it totally freaky that the mac can lift images off of my phone without the phone's permission.  Weird, no?


Jason, as himself said...

I prefer the second tile.

And your mac lifts images all by itself?

Beth said...

I like them both. But slippery is bad. I go with practical before beautiful every time.

Anonymous said...

mac knows what your phone wants. The pictures want to be lifted, that is their sole purpose in life :).

Nice tiles, but careful with the slipperiness. Or get lots of rugs.

oreneta said...

Jason, it lets me just open up and browse and the phone doesn't say a THING! The second tile is gorgeous, but very slippery...they were trying to convince me that the grout would catch us, but I am not buying that.

Beth, the first one is designed for industrial settings so should be EXTREMELY practical. That is very good in my books.

ElP, There you go...the Mac knows. Rugs in a bathroom are inherently gross. Going for less slippery tiles I think.