Thursday, June 24, 2010

BCN tour

We went into BCN today to the Marine Museum for a visit to two new exhibitions, one of Russian painters from the 20th century and the other is called Portraits of the Sea, by a variety of Catalan painters.

We started at Plaça Catalunya, like most folks do and worked our way down through el Raval which I adore.

This is beside the Boqueria, but you normally don't really notice them as the market is so entrancing that these near Greek temple columns....which are lovely indeed...where are we anyway?

If you peak between the columns, you see the crazy pig!  Today is Sant Joan so everything is closed but the museums and some restaurants.

I love this church in el Raval, so varied and it has a Mother Teresa's group of nuns feeding the poor every morning out of it.  It is a delightful mish mash of about 15 different architectural styles and epochs.

In the museum was this, odd and fa gracia it is amusing.....look carefully.

I wouldn't mind living in a house like this for a while, just step out your door and your at the sea.....

Painted by one of the Russians.... I ADORE this one.


Then we had a slightly lavish lunch at the restaurant at the museum....mmmmmmmm.......if you are ever in BCN and need a delightful oasis of calm, the courtyard and café at the marine museum is hard to beat.


Anonymous said...

Very nice. It's been a long time since your last "photo visit". It was worth the wait ;)

Helen said...

I too love the Russian painting - can you remember the artist? When are you off to TO?

oreneta said...

ElP, I should make the effort more often, I've gotten out of the about one from you?

Helen...I am worried I deleted the photo...I usually take one of the card too, I'll look.