Friday, June 25, 2010

House update photos.

OK, I said I'd post some updates on the house...the photos are a little tricky as the sight lines are all fairly short...I'll see what I can do.

Went by this is the new facade of the house, you can see Youngest's second window and the wall at the front of the terrace.

Below is the new window in our room, complete with shaping that we fought for, and got...though I thought we'd just get the arch over the window, the builder gave us the chamfering (is that the right word?  I think so) at the sides.  Happy me.

Our room from the doorway.

The view down the hallway to Youngest's window...I've shown a couple of  versions of this before....this is the most current.  Overhead is the underside of Eldest's loft extension....the height of the underside of the terrace.

Below is inside Eldest's room, which is almost impossible to take a photo of, as it is a verticalville kind of room and will have four different levels by the time all is said and done.  This is the wall where her ladder will go up to her loft, and the brick wall is the outside of what will be the bathroom that the man and I will share.

View from Eldest's room, through their bathroom, into Youngest's and out her new window.

Youngest's room, with the bathroom and stairway walled in.

The upstairs space off the terrace...we'll put in railings before we move in.

A view of the new terrace.  The bench on the other side is wider, and we're going to paint in the fall.

I have to say I am a little antsy about leaving it all for two and half months.....the man will be here for the first half anyway, he'll be sending photos to keep us all up to date.....

Fingers crossed!


Jason, as himself said...

It is looking awfully charming!

Anonymous said...

very nice progress. Hopefully progress will be phenomenal and you'll have a nice suprise when you come home.

oreneta said... a brick, mortar and concrete kinda way so far...I have hopes though.

ElP, Fingers crossed on that one...that it'll be a nice surprise anyway....

J.G. said...

What a great window you will have! I can't believe the walls are that thick. Wow.

oreneta said...

The walls are wildly thick...that is part of what happens when you build out of mud....the one downstairs are even thicker. It is a different way of working.