Monday, June 28, 2010

Bringing a gun to a knife fight.

His Chuckiness woke me up at 1:30 am this morning.  Right around his normal walk time in Spain.  7:30 am!  We should be out there by now!!!

How to explain jetlag to a mutt.

Cicadian rhythms are a pain.

I tried ignoring him for a while, and then remembered the nasty looking meal I had had to feed him the night before.  Good pet stores are not open on a Sunday night around 7pm.  Hmmmm, I thought to myself, mayhap this is playing a wee bit of havoc with his innards.

Heaved myself out of bed and staggered into the darkness.  Chuckbacca was unphased by the relative darkness and gleefully sniffed his way around every little blade of grass.  Yummy!  In his defence he peed a great deal, so it was not entirely wasted, and I did manage to get back to sleep again, till he woke me at 8am.

We went for another walk later.  While we were out he found a lady dog.  She was unaccustomed to the thoughts that were running through his male, intact, non-neutered doggy mind.  Hi there Sugar!  Play here often?

We went home.

Third walk.  We met another intact male.  My usually wimpy non-dominant dog figured he could take this one.  That Canuck bigger-than-Chuck dog may be intact and all, but he ain't used to those GIANT Spanish part-pitt intact males.

Piece of cake, thought my valiant and normally pacifist Chuckalicious.

After we pulled them apart (read Chuck off the other bigger dog)...?

We went home.

He's having some fun it would seem, no?


Anonymous said...


Nice were not sitting on the deck of our boat when you took that were you?

v funny

BAck there Sunday, wanna make a date?
Lovely here, but OMG is it ever hot.
97 degrees....pant pant....

Oh and yes....*HATE-ON* for jet lag too....


Anonymous said...

glad to see you arrived safely :). Enjoy your yearly canadian summer trip ;)

Hula Girl at Heart said...

LOL. Dogs fascinate me with their alpha maleness and boasting. I have a miniature schnauzer who has more bark than guts.

J.G. said...

Sometimes I wonder if dogs are thinking at all, though you seem to have a good handle on Chuck's brain.

Cats, in contrast, are always thinking about something . . . possibly better not to know what.

oreneta said... yes on the date...YES!!!! Florida in the summer, not a paradise at all. Urgh.

ElP, we'll do our's nice to be here in many ways.

Hula, Chuck is funny that way....they are just so very alpha ish....

JG, that movie 'up' is supposed to have accurate looking talking dogs - squirrel - and it is supposed to be quite good, something to rent this summer.