Sunday, June 20, 2010

Didn't happen, Did happen.

Didn't go sailing.  Poop.

Didn't go to BCN. poop.

Did nurse an unwell Youngest, now recovered...

Did finish three paintings, I'm all caught up.

Did work in the garden.

Did watch part of a (dull) football/soccer game.  Those New Zealanders seem to think they're playing Australian rules football.

Did read.

Didn't nap.

Did cut the man's hair.

Did rest and relax.

Did have a very very lovely day on the whole.

Hope you did too.


Anonymous said...

wow..impressive canvas. Your eye is amazing!
From life or photos?

To til Sunday then Fla. USA until the following sunday, then RCYC until meh...mid july?

email best bet...lets plan a date in the city or on the island? your call...


Vancouver Isle Doug said...

Well, sounds like a very nice day. Our weekend was pretty darn good - just the right mix of work(chores)/shopping/relaxing. Sunny both days and a nice breeze off the ocean with plenty of fresh air. Now trying to get psyched up for another work week.
Any new pics of progress on the house?

J.G. said...

Sounds like a success overall. You accomplished way more than I did (I had a do-nothing Sunday that included a nap).

oreneta said...

Nomad, photos....we're arriving next week in a sea of work...well actually not toooooo bad....why are you going to Florida in July?????

I'd meet you ANYWHERE!

Doug....nice breeze off the ocean sound pretty darned good.....

JG, sounds like a perfect Sunday.