Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Photos of the house from the man....

They're working on putting in all the channels for the wiring and the pipes.  They had to connect it up to the street of course, so they had to take the sidewalk apart to do it, I'm not in love, but it's OK,

This is not OK at all.  It is, I believe, right in the living room as you come in the door.  It is a sewage drain. Even if they put it into the wall, like all the others, they cannot repair the tiles in the vault.  They can replace, but it will not look the same.

Very unhappy messages went out.



Beth said...

Good grief! The things that go on when a person tries to leave home for a bit! It almost makes me afraid to leave on Sunday!

But I'm sure it will be ok. They'll figure out something....right? *crosses fingers*

oreneta said...

Good grief indeed...most disheartening. Apparently it was drawn that way, though I failed to notice that....grrrr. they will box it in with brick and we'll paint it. UGLY. There is, I am told, some kind of structural reason why this is necessary....seems unnecessary to me in any way.

Good grief.

J.G. said...

I guess it is too much to ask that the practical worker "structural necessity" types have some artistic feeling, too. Ugh. Much sympathy!