Thursday, June 17, 2010

Patron saints and football...religions intertwined.

This last Sunday was the saint day of the patron saint of construction workers.  For those of you who don't follow the Spanish Catholic church calendar that closely.

The tradition is that the guys all get a full day off work for this.  We didn't know this when we went by yesterday at lunch, when I had a TOTALLY confusing conversation with them.  You see, one minute we were talking catholicism and patron saints, and then suddenly we were talking football.  Spain played Switzerland in the World Cup that afternoon.

Seems the guys decided that rather than take their full day on Monday or Friday, they would take it today so they could watch the game.  Except they only took half a day.

Wanna bet their saving the other half for the next time Spain plays?


they were kinda cranky today......could it be because Spain lost??? 

nb....three hour meeting with the architect, contractor and foreman.  So help me.  The morning lasted till four and included a half hour drive to an office to see a material and back.


Oh, and the architect was MOST unamused that they took the time off.  Most.  Though he didn't say anything.....


J.G. said...

I confess I have not been following the World Cup at all. Just trying to be respectful of all those who are on the edges of their seats about it . . . At least the construction guys have their priorities straight!

oreneta said...

Yeah, I kinda like how they organised it honestly. I'd like to do the same thing if I could, I'm wondering if they are saving the other half day for the next game?