Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mourning my canvases.

I can say, for certain, that I am deeply grateful for the calm and reasonable way that today's meeting with the architect and foreman went.  Maybe cause the contractor wasn't there.  They have a provisional fix for the chimney, we'll try it again tomorrow at lunch and see what happens.  Also, everyone had done they're homework, even the somewhat passive resistant foreman.  They all came in with idea.

The other problem, with the bathroom vent emerging immediately beside the opening skylight in Eldest's room has also been solved.

Thank goodness.

I am, on the other hand, starting to fuss about my inability to get to my painting, I am simply far far too busy and far far too tired to get it all done.  Taught, actual contact hours today, for only 11 hours.  That does not count prep time (minimal) or the meeting at the house.

'Nother meeting with the foreman tomorrow at lunch.

Canvas not today day.

Boo hoo.

Three tomorrow!  Let's see if I swing it (not)


elpadawan said...

good luck getting some rest. Hopefully the work on the house will not last "ad vitam aeternam" ;)

Beth said...

You know what they say- The best laid plans of mice and artists...or something like that.

I'm not trying to paint amazing works of art like you are, but I do know how it is to have the days seem too short for all the stuff you need to cram into them.

oreneta said...

ElP, I gave up rest in favour of painting. Tired but happier.

Beth, the days simply RUN away from me. Usain Bolt speed. RUN. No?