Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So easy

It is, in so many ways, so very very easy to be in TO.

I have seen five different sets of friends in two days, plus family, a bunch of acquaintances and all the folks from work.

It is really wonderful seeing everyone.

I am still formulating the Catalan phrases I will need as I approach situations, and then don't need them.  I am finding I am stuck in the Catalan word for the English one I want, which is partially a jet lag job...

I had an honestly lovely evening.  A friend's kid had a soccer game, and after watching SPAIN'S BIG FAT WIN!!!!!, I was more than willing to go and watch some more.  Friends all over the place, the sun going down over a giant field with 6 different games going on at once and friendly open chatting people everywhere.  Kids from all over the world all playing the beautiful game together.....


Like falling off a log.

I was at work today, and my co-workers kindly lived with the game playing quietly in the background when the Spain - Portugal game was on, one woman even gave up her desk cause she had Adobe Flash and my computer didn't....we were in an informal meeting, but a meeting nonetheless, and I was talking at the meeting, and doing some work on one screen while keeping an ear on the game on the final screen...the announcers voice started to go up in that telltale pitch of excitement and I switched screens JUST IN TIME to see Spain's goal.  

I leapt out of my chair yelling, then stopped.  Explained Spain had scored, and told them I'd just sit down again now.  

Very humorous...

on another note, I am starting to worry seriously about the canvas a day project.  I think I am five days behind now...hmm.


Anonymous said...

WOW! You sure have become a real Spanish fan - even in a meeting in TO you let it all out!!!

Terrie said...

I just flipped through your canvases. I loved a lot of them. A few scared me and many puzzeled me. I especially like the one of you NOT mad,the one of the book and X.

oreneta said...

What can I say, it's the beautiful game, and it's so nice to be somewhere they win sometimes, not like the Leafs.

Terrie, glad you liked them....some are odd....some are fast....some I could give more time too. Now I need to get a cable for my camera so I can upload some more, I am getting behind!