Thursday, October 7, 2010


What is it about seeing someone else's work that sets me bouncing in mine.

I love painting and drawing and all that, and there is a richness in seeing someone else's work...real, live, fantastic that sets all sorts of ideas hatching and wobbling around on their own.

I find I sometimes have to guard against dismay because what I can do is so much, less.

That is OK though, the stuff I am seeing shows internationally, sits in museums, is done by some of the greatest ever.  I don't have to come up to that mark, don't want to either honestly, the sacrifice is too great.

There is an excitement in seeing new work.  Looking at technique, ideas, seeing what is loathsome to me individually and what is appealing, and analysing why.  Sets the juices flowing.

Many many artists have done this, and I was recently told that the great Picasso himself was quite the thief, worse still, not only did he steal ideas, but his execution of them was infinitely better, and he moved the original idea along about another million kms.

That would be depressing wouldn't it.

Maybe that's part of what I love about living in BCN, a schedule that allows time to paint and read and think, and that also gives me access to fabulous works whenever I chose to go.


Then there is that coffee and food too, and the mountain, and the challenge.....


elpadawan said...

Isn't it what progress is all about? Getting inspired by something, absorb and adapt/improve, see what sticks?

oreneta said...

ElP, you may just be onto something there! Of course, your right, but it is a whole lot of fun bouncing around in the middle of the process. Getting unstuck is a joy.