Thursday, October 14, 2010


I have officially started Spanish classes, and about time too.  I was getting embarrassed about my complete inability in Spanish.  Hopefully my base level of understanding should help a bit.

Still feel somewhat traitorous as my Catalan still needs so much work....

Ho hum.

I don't see how I can fit in Catalan classes too.

Especially since I seem to be sleeping like a teenager these days....HOURS every night.  Does take up a lot of the day when one sleeps so much.

Frustrating in a way, but I must need it.

The house is getting there, in many soon.

Truly, not enough hours in the day for all I'd love to do.

One must plan carefully I suppose.

And study when the opportunity arises.



Vancouver Isle Doug said...

Crikeys, I am playing catch up with you on here. Your house is almost done??? Gee, that was fast, eh? :o) Can't wait for some pictures. Form the few you have posted it looks like it is turning out very nicely.

We have been having some fabulous Fall weather here on the Island. I am trying to soak it all in because I KNOW what is just around the corner for Winter - those nasty rain/wind storms off the Pacific.

oreneta said...

Doug, yes indeed...the guys are gone, we're moved in, though still living rather chaotically as we aren't entirely organised. No hot water yet....but we're getting there.

Fabulous fall weather is always fantastic. I think fall is the very best season.