Saturday, October 16, 2010

His Chuckiness

Yes, and update on his Chuckiness.

He is adjusting to the new house fairly smoothly.  Those death defying stairs to the third floor where I can paint give him the heebie-jeebies.  A moment when being a quadruped is not such a great thing.  He has found sweet spots to sleep and discovered some advantages to the new house.

Chief amongst them is the fact that the doors don't latch particularly well, giving him access to beds that were normally out of bounds when every one was out.

Another is his cave, conveniently located next to one of the other chief benefits of the new place, that would be garbage cans.

That sounds weird doesn't it.  The old place was so small that we only had one garbage, in the kitchen, under the sink, behind the closed cupboard door.  That was a wee bit inconvenient for us, but we were sooooo penniless when we first got here that the idea of BUYING garbage cans was outrageous, and then we just got used to it.

This place? Not so handy.

Garbage cans entered our lives.  Two out of the three bathrooms have garbage cans, with lids.  No excitement there for the Chuckmeister, but the new kitchen layout is basically devoid of any cabinets or cupboards at all, think farmer's kitchen.  (honestly, I will take photos one of these days, maybe a room by room tour?)  So, in the spirit of the older house we have a ceramic pot as a garbage can in the kitchen, lined with a plastic bag.  Chuck thinks that this is a wonderful idea.  Munchies, conveniently to hand, or rather mouth.  Today, for instance, while making a cake, I tossed two yogurt tubs into the bin.  We are fairly vigilant about getting rid of the garbage quickly to avoid temptation, but still.....a little later I hear slurping noises and turn to see Chuckalicious tidying up the ends of the yogurt from the tub, with the tub still balanced elegantly in the garbage.

I tell him off.

A moment or two later I hear muffled slurping noises, ya, he'd taken it into his cave with him and was tidying it up there.  Sadly he didn't bring it out again and put it in the garbage for us.  Gladly, youngest is still small enough to fit in there far enough to retrieve it!

Chuck just came up into the altell with me and delightedly headed over to check out the garbage up here too.  Nothing too tempting it would seem.

To each his own delights.


Kim said...

I particularly love the first photo of his royal Chuckiness. What a peach! He is so expressive, I can only imagine living with him! Funny how they find spots that suit them, spots we would never imagine to be particularly ideal or comfy. I'm not sure if it's an energetic thing or a fur-related thing or a pack animal thing. I think it varies with their personalities though. Oh, my goodness looking at his photos makes me miss my old girl so much. But in a sweet way. Thanks for sharing this.

oreneta said...

Kim, he is a peach, and had a very good day licking out dishes from the take out I got. Mmmmm, meat and cheese!

Glad you're thinking of your old girl in a sweet way. Glad you enjoyed it all.