Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jet lag

Yesterday, I went for lunch at a favourite restaurant....because it was early I was able to have an iced coffee there.  I figured it wouldn't be a problem as I wouldn't be trying to go to bed for ages. 

I'd had several cups of tea that morning.  One of the big fat advantages of jet lag is that I needn't worry about caffeine in the mornings!

Then I had one more cup of tea, at a friend's place, at around 3 pm.

And some chocolate.

I don't know about you, but too much caffeine gives me the jitters.

I had the jitters pretty solidly...and then I got seriously dozy in that jet lag-y way where there is almost nothing you can do to keep awake and you just have to stagger through knowing it won't last.

It is very very odd having caffeine jitters and a nearly irresistable desire to sleep at the same moment.

Something new every single solitary day.


Kim said...

Ha! Ha! I'm trying to picture that. I have suffered me some pretty bad jet-lag, I recognize the feeling of needing to hold your eyes open with your fingers. You must have felt like two people!

Mother Theresa said...

Iced coffee...that is just making me cold!!! I only ever have that in summer, and then it has to be really hot. Yeah, I've had that weird feeling's annoying, but at least it's temporary.

oreneta said... was totally weird. Two people was about it...and they were arguing.

Mother T. I just so love that iced coffee, whether it's cold out or not.

elpadawan said...

Hope nobody exploded after that restaurant :). Have a safe trip back, it was nice seeing you there ;).