Sunday, October 24, 2010

A noisy day...

I only have one painting finished for today, that's OK, well within the canvas a day format, no?

I actually spent quite a bit of time on a larger piece and working on several smaller ones.  A day for turning up and working rather than completing.

It was also a most delightful day with a pack of kids in the house, Eldest had three friends over and youngest one, and I have to say it was a delight.

Lots of cooking, and as Eldest and her friends originate in four different countries on three continents, and they are picky teens feeding them was a wee bit challenging, as in I cooked what they wanted and they were polite and ate what the liked.

Lovely loud fun full day.

The man survived it all too!

OH!  and look what youngest made me!  I'm all ready for the cold now.


J.G. said...

Sounds like a good Sunday. Hanging around with kids and friends nearby (underfoot?) is nice, isn't it?

Life with Kaishon said...

What an absolutely perfect day. Absolutely perfect.

Mother Theresa said...

Sounds like a fun day. Nice scarf!:)

Lovely new painting...I like the combination of blues, at least I think they are blues. Or is the darker one more purple? That's the trouble with looking at art on the internet, what you see depends on the computer and sometimes your browser. But I guess that happens even when you look at something in real life...yesterday our whole family was debating the "true" color of a ladle. My husband said blue, I said grey...the kids said mostly grey, but with a hint of blue in the right light. :)

Helen said...

Great day and great scarf - all that knitting training is clearly working well.

oreneta said...

JG, not so underfoot now we're in the house...this place seems HUGE to me! (The apt was quite small)

LWK, indeed.

Mother T, there is a sign in BCN that we all argue over, is it blue? purple? What can you do. The camera alters the colours as well, as does the light in the room. Part of the magic in some ways.

Helen, I'll let her know, she'll be delighted with the compliment!