Friday, October 15, 2010

How young is too young

too learn some of the gorier details about torture.  You know, some of the more common techniques.

A teacher took that out of my hands today.

Meeting planned for Monday.  Teacher in question doesn't know that yet, but I do.


elpadawan said...

wow. Scary. Since when is torture part of the School program anyways?

Kim said...

huh? Perhaps you could spend part of the weekend devising a torture plan of your own...

Jason, as himself said...

Torture? What grade is this?

Boo and Trev said...

Actually, I don't mean to be the person who throws the excrement into the air circulating device, but I'm not altogether sure the teacher is wrong.
You go into many museums or castles in the UK there will be a torture chamber and kids are fascinated by them.
I'm pretty sure that I was told about some torture methods by the nuns when I was her age. Most of the nuns were Irish or Polish so in all probability they knew people to whom this had happened. Spain and Europe have had a very chequered history and the teachers could have had parents or grandparents who had been tortured.
I beleive your daughter reads Harry Potter. In there Neville's parents are tortured to madness and Hermione is tortured. The world isn't always a lovely fluffy place. They need only go to a news channel to learn about waterboarding so maybe they should approach this news understanding what is spoken about

J.G. said...

I got enough ideas in Humanities class to last me a lifetime. Thank goodness I must have been absent the day the real thing was discussed.

How did the meeting go?