Monday, October 18, 2010


The volume of painting dropped dramatically today, no big fat surprise, what with work and having to take Eldest to BCN to shop for clothing, oh, and the man threw his back WAY out and has been bound to the couch all day.  Poor thing honestly, I've never seen him in so much pain.

I went running this morning and forgot to pee before I left.  That was problem one.  Problem two was that it is mushroom season here, one of the most exceptional mushroom seasons in AGES.  On top of that Spanish unemployment is pretty darned high too, so you know who the mountains were full of?  MEN!  (How dare they) hunting mushrooms

This poor girl couldn't find a bush to pee behind without some guy with a basket popping up in the search for the ultimate bolet!

All was forgiven though when a friend arrived at work.  He's also unemployed, and profitably spent his morning in the mountain hunting mushrooms.  This is only a little bit of what he found, but can I say that it was a stupendous lunch we had!

They're called 'trumpetes de mort', Death's trumpet, they are, however, most delicious and not dangerous at all.


Trish said...

*gah* I have nightmares about not finding a place to pee! Guys have it so easy . . . but us girls, it's a little more complicated.

J.G. said...

Is there no privacy anywhere??? Poor you!

Mother Theresa said...

Lol! "Men (How dare they) hunting mushrooms" So, how did you solve the problem? Did you finally find a private bush?

Helen said...


oreneta said...

Trish, aside from the fact that they were all other men and it would've been ok to see yet another guy watering a tree.....ah well.

JG, honestly, it was astonishing!

Mother T, I held! All the way home. Kinda uncomfortable honestly, especially after two kids and all....

Helen, ohhhh, yes indeed. They were soooooo good.