Monday, October 4, 2010

We have developed a neighbourhood creep

Yup, a creepy creep.

He first appeared about a week ago.  Staring at the young girls.  Like youngest.

He even followed one of her friends - who lives on the street - telling her, I kid you not, to 'come here little girl' over and over.

I am the only one even suggesting we go to the police, which leads me to expect complete inaction on their parts.  Ho hum.

So far the girls on the street will be going down to school in groups and near parents.

I will be bringing my big, unsubtle camera out and taking a full face picture of the guy next time I see him.

Maybe finding out which park he's sleeping in, we can organise a group of folks to wake him up every hour or so, that should send him somewhere else.  Ah love the smell of vigilantism in the morning.

I like to imagine that if you called the cops in TO with this complaint, a cruiser would roll by about 20 minutes later, and any time you called, they'd get out and have a chat with the guy.

I suspect our local police will do sweet sh*t all.  Still don't know why we have them.  Honestly.


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Whether or not the police do anything, the point is that you do and that you insight the other parents to join ranks. It really comes down to local action and, that's YOU baby! This is not something any parent can let go, especially parents of girls. Now, is that a self-portrait I see as your Canvas-a-Day, perchance for Kal's class?!

elpadawan said...

Very creepy indeed. Good to see that you and other parents are taking action. I hope nothing bad will happen.

J.G. said...

Sounds like you are taking the right steps. And definitely call the cops, even if just to create a paper trail. Keep notes about when you called, who you talked to, and what you said. May Heaven forbid you should need them someday.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, please forgive me Bhodhi Chiclet, but parents of girls OR boys, should feel equally worried. Sorry but your comment really offended me. It would be equally horrific if my 10 year old son OR my 7 year old daughter was sexually assaualted by anyone male or female. Thank you very much.

*Red in the face mother bear*

K got that off my chest.

Call the police anyway - Regardless of your imagined idea of their action. If anything were to happen you they will be forewarned, and you will know you did everything you could.
Also I know your lovely little town and I am sure a vagrant like that spells trouble on all fronts...break and enter etc. hope it works out ok. Keep us posted.

Unlikely Nomad

Boo and Trev said...

That's nasty. Might be worth informing the school as well as the police.

Helen said...

Ugh - really really nasty

oreneta said...

Ni sightings in the last two days...maybe John Wayne ran him out of town?