Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I have spent the day with a kernel of happiness watching the count of the miners coming up to the surface one after another.  First 1, then 5, 11, 18, now 22.  Hope it all keeps working right and they all get out fine.  The oldest miner, at 63, has been a miner since he was 12.

Yeah, 12 years old, working in a mine.

We still don't have hot water here.  Um, so what?


How's that for a hit to the perspective.

Here's hoping they all get out safely.



elpadawan said...

I was thinking of posting something about that. A recent article in the International Herald Tribune about the rescue capsule, with one part that half amused me and half horrified me...

oreneta said...

ElP, I see you did post on that. Weirdness everywhere, no?


They are all out anyway, now maybe folks will leave them alone.