Sunday, October 17, 2010

Did I write about this?

It's so long ago now, I'm not sure.

WEEKS ago, literally, back in Canada on the last day we were on the boat I put on some sunscreen.  I had an, um, extremely nasty allergic/chemical reaction.  I looked rather like someone had taken a blowtorch to my face and then things had swollen up and crusted over.


It also went on and on and on and on.

I ended up seeing a dr. here cause it just wasn't going away, and she prescribed a whole new regime of medications, which have left me quite, ah, sleepy shall we say.  As in every waking movement was an act of pure will power.  That was fun with the move.

Today is the first day in, I think, over six weeks that I have not had to take an anti-histamine in the daytime.

It was d.i.v.i.n.e.


I finished one book...if you care to look at the list of books read for 2010, my reading has slowed WAAAAAYYYYY down during this time, and I completed NINE paintings today with another four on the racks for tomorrow. (I kid myself that I will have time, but what the heck, live in hope.)

The various drugs have been reduced gradually over the last little while and I am down to a hefty night time dose and that's it.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that it all goes away when this is over.

All told, aside from being anti-histamine free, today was lovely, a day spent reading, painting, eating and hanging out with the kids.  Aside from an hour or so of algebra homework (in Catalan no less) it was amazing.

Algebra is amazing too, in its own way; but can I just say that the division of poly-numerals is more complicated than most of us need, and we should all be very glad indeed that it is not a skill that we have to put into daily use.

Truly, something to be grateful for right there.


Anonymous said...

I am utterly impressed by your productivity!

For what it is worth LML had a similiar experience...we figured it was paba. Did not go on for so long but was indeed very nasty.
Difficulty is moving forward with sunscreen after that.

Sorry you felt yuck, and hope it is in the dim past soon.

At "home" also moving to get settle into the next "home". JOY.
Looking forward to getting settled.

I'd have to say it has been the year of
.... for me....

Honestly if I have to pack anyone else's stuff for any other reason in...oh - say about the next 32.5 years that will be too soon for me.

Hug Nomad

Anonymous said...

so... if you are anti- histamine free...does that mean histamine intact?


Kim said...

ha! ha! (not laughing at your dermatological experience) if only we learned all that algebra for actual application in life. Math = not my strong point.

elpadawan said...

Great news :). In the end, do you actually know which ingredient caused the allergic reaction? So that you know what to look for next time you buy a bottle?

J.G. said...

Getting sunburned might have been easier. But at least you'll know for next time. PABA is awful for some people.

oreneta said...

Nomad, I think that it may have been something that was chemically altering because it was expired. This happened to me once before, not nearly so badly, with makeup that was past its due date. I don't think it was paba, as most of the sunscreen in NA is paba free now. No anti-histamine = no constant exhaustion = energy for production = YEAH!
Am I histamine intact? NO idea.

Kim, I'm not too bad at math, and I am keen to tackle a problem, but solving algebraic polynomial division and multiplication is to much.

ElP, sadly, no, I don't know what it was, I am thinking that it is something degrading as it was past its good-by date.....

JG, getting sunburned would have been much much better. Much.