Saturday, February 5, 2011


Youngest, the lucky thing, went off to see Barça play tonight!

Yes WAY!

She has all the right kind of friends, doesn't she!

They won (of course).  I love living in a place where I can say that, instead of the Leafs.  Where there is massive excitement if they simply win, let alone of course...

Watched the game on the computer, but wanted to listen in English...led to a funny viewing experience.  We were watching on a Madrid television station, but listening to the Barça radio English broadcast, which lags by about 15 seconds.  The worst for me were the whistles. Very confusing.

Had a LOVELY long nap today, YEAH!  I have to go down to work tomorrow to pick up my Spanish homework which I forgot to grab on Friday....

I am reading 5 books at a time, seven if I count the read alouds to the kids.  In three languages.  Know what? It's too many.  I'm going to have to focus down on a couple and get them finished up, then pick up the others.  Not so much fun for me with so many on the go.

How many do you read at a time?


J.G. said...

My goodness! Just one at a time for me! Though I sometimes cheat on my chosen fiction (especially if I don't like it very much) with poetry, non-fiction, or a magazine.

Yay, Barca! That sounds like a fun time. Even the non-fans among us are thinking about the Super Bowl today. (And maybe a nap.)

Joy said...

I have read at least four or five at a time, but they were at least all in the same language, though vastly different in style and content.

I am slowly, slowly working on reading more than picture books in a second language, however. ;)

oreneta said...

JG, Naps are good, I could have done with one today too....I don't normally read so many at once, prefer one at a time too, not quite sure what happened here.

Joy! Thanks for dropping by! What second language? With read-to books with the kids I normally have three on the go, but 7 is pushing it too far. I'll get it sorted soon I hope.

Boo and Trev said...

Good for young one! Also as I need to learn obscure North American sports teams for my up and coming 15 minutes of fame I will remember the Toronto Maple Leafs. I have also learned Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto Raptors. North American teams have very exciting names.

I can only read one book at a time as it has to take me to a different world and I don't like other worlds barging in.

oreneta said...

Good lord, you're sitting around memorizing the names of NA sports teams! Should stave off alzheimers if nothing else.