Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Silly me

Thought I'd add a video with the post I wanted to put up.  Still waiting 45 min later.

May appear in the morning, I've gotta go to bed.


thecatalanway said...

that happened to me too - I had a short one of the Burns supper and Blogger said it would take about 5 minutes. After half an hour I gave up as I wanted to do other things. There must be something more to it do you think?
K x

Mother Theresa said...

I gave up trying to upload videos directly to blogger because it never worked for me. So, I just put mine on You Tube and then embed them in my posts.

oreneta said...

K, I left it all night, still working in the morning.... I think that is a message, no?

Mother T, clearly, that's what I'll have to do.

thecatalanway said...

Useful tips - thank you. I will try the youtube route although I've not tried it yet and I expect I will be further flummoxed. K x

oreneta said...

K, I'll put up some details if I give it a go. Good luck to us both!