Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A deLIGHTful walk

Someone had one of the best walks of his life today.

Someone with four legs and a lot of fur.

Here's what happened.

I took his Chuckiness to the mountains today and quite early on in our route he threw up his head, ears alert sniffing the wind, then he was off.  I though, rabbit.

I walked on, for probably another 10 minutes without sighting Chuck, and began to think that this was a little unusal as he normally sticks quite close to me.  With the man, he does this more, but with me, not so much.

I walked on, about 5 minutes later there was an area in the track with some busy doggie footprints, and I thought maybe he was hiding from the big boxer.  On I went.  A little later I hear a man call out, asking if this is my dog.

There's the Chuck, humping this man's dog for all he's worth.  Sadly he's humping her shoulder as the man is trying to prevent anything untoward happening, but Chuck had probably been humping his dog for a good 15 minutes or more.  She was quite receptive, I might add, it being that part of her cycle, shall we say.  The man was very good natured about it, thank goodness.  Chuck was, ah, excited.  He was pulling fairly hard when I put him on leash, knowing full well that he would chase them all the way home, humping her the entire way.

I sat down for a while to let them get ahead of us, Chuck lunging at the end of his leash like a hooked shark and howling from time to time.

He towed me down out of the mountains like a husky and didn't settle till we had gotten past her house.

Then we got home and Chuck got down to some serious howling.  Luv howls.


Mother Theresa said...

So Chuck got him some lovin'? Good for him! Lol. :D

mmichele said...

That is hilarious. Dogs have no sense of decorum.

oreneta said...

Mother T, Yeah, he got him some lovin'! Happy doggie!

Mmichele, NONE! Though it is a good object lesson for teenage daughters....

thecatalanway said...

Oh Pep would love this story. He is all for dogs doing what comes naturally. And if we had a boy perhaps I'd be the same - but Duna has just finished her third season and we were followed all around town by lovesick males. there was a day when she swung her tail aside just as a tiny one came too close but I managed to put a stop to it. He gave her a good wash though! I don't want puppies and would do the dirty deed at the vet but man(men?) aren't so keen. so we can look forward in a few weeks to a sad dog carrying her tiger toy around everywhere.
by the way, I always thought the smaller males would be no problem but I was wrong - Duna just lowered her bottom to their level!
I envy you the mountain walks - are they just on your doorstep? Lucky you. Kate

oreneta said...

Kate, they are on our doorstep, we are indeed very very lucky. Many of the male dogs here have had a vasectomy, indeed Chuck has too. A compromise between letting the boys get their way and ensuring there aren't too many puppies around! He can have his fun and no damage is done.

Anonymous said...

One of my shoes got itself some doggy love a couple of days ago :). Must be the season

oreneta said...

What a lucky shoe!