Monday, February 7, 2011

Good things, bad things

Good things about the party:

Should be fun,

We're getting a whole lot of stuff done around the house to prep for it, ie. a few more lights up, carpets down, paintings up, dirt removed....rooms cleaned

Should be very interesting anthropologically, seems that here it is rude to show up even a few minutes late for a party, so they may be hammering on the door aat 6:30!  AUGH!  The architect even said he was hoping to come a few minutes early to take some pictures when it is all cleaned up.  He is more optimistic than I am and may get here before me!

Also it is rude to leave part way through a party and they tend to all leave at once.  Good lord.

Down side:  Getting all the stuff done for the party, like putting up lights and paintings also evicting dustbunnies.  The schedule of the whole thing.

Deciding who not to invite.  We can't ask them all, we haven't got the coin for that sadly.

Bit of good and bit of bad.  The menu: fun; the shopping: not.  Scheduling: fun; cooking: depends on a number of factors, ie not burning things, and people helping + success with the original scheduling!

Turns out we have exactly 50 liquid holders, as in mugs, glasses, wine glasses and champagne glasses, plus some mini-mugs and two japanese handless tea cups.  As we look to have about 50 guests, that seems like it will do, only a little dish washing mid-party!

Should be fun!  Three lights up today, one carpet down, one light purchased, vessels counted and a curtain chosen.  Debating painting Youngest's room Wednesday night, but that might be nuts.

We'll see.


PicklePits said...

new to your blog but not to Spain...can't wait to hear about the party.

As for painting a room - I'd vote no. The thirsty walls will still be there next week.


Trish said...

'anthropologically' ahaha yes, true that. It's funny how we just kind of take for granted that the North American way is everybody's way.

I was in Mexico on business a few years ago and found it so odd that the locals had their dinner at, like, 9pm. Huh? I'm already thinking about bed at 9pm.

Mother Theresa said...

Rude to show up a few minutes late? That must be a Catalan thing, because in the rest of Spain, promptness is not the norm. Well, in any case, it sounds like fun. Enjoy! I'd say no to the painting, you never know if you'll get it done on time. We painted our kids' room and it took us longer than we thought because it needed more coats of paint than we expected.

oreneta said...

Picklepits! Yeah, the word seems to be no on the painting, but I am feeling like it, we'll have to see....welcome over here!

Trish, it is soooo true, and such a landmine...see today's post re food....most of it is good, but from time to time...

Mother T, interesting again, someone is even coming by EARLY! That's a stunner....I am pretty practiced at painting rooms and houses...we rented out the house in Toronto for years and many many years I had to paint the entire inside of the house alone in about 3 days, after working a full (and a half) day...crashing on the floor amid the paint fumes in the middle of the night and then getting up to paint more in the morning before heading off to work. Wouldn't be that bad...and that room is DUE.