Sunday, February 6, 2011

More completion

Two more pieces done,

Both reasonably large in the 2' x 3' range.  Too lazy to measure.

A bunch of others in progress.

Today was busy but good, all my kind of busy.  Gardening, I have to show you some of these roots, though I think technically they are rhizomes.  A kabillion pages of Spanish homework, more like 20, but still.

Life is good, but I am tired.

The party this Friday?  A wee bit worried about preping for it.  I work from about 7:30 through 2 and then 3:30 through 6:15 that day.  Party starts at 6:30.  Figure the house has to be clean for Wednesday.  Anything that accumulates after that is just too d*mn bad.

Ho hum.


Trish said...

Yes, a good tired is a very satisfying thing. Cool posters! I really like the highlights on the bottom one.

thecatalanway said...

thanks for your comment on the shadows - I had a look at more paintings of Barcelo and I see what you mean. We went to see the exhibition in Madrid and bought a book - must look it out!
Impressed by your work - you are inspiring! But when will I let inspiration turn into action??
Oh well - at the moment we have family illness and so many hospital visits that it is hard to get down to anything. Except the blog and reading and walking the dog - all enjoyable.
Good luck with the party - get the food and drink sorted early and the house will take care if itself mostly - last minute stuffing of things in cupboards and under beds works for me.
Kate x

oreneta said...

Trish, good tired is indeed good. Ahhhh.

Kate, Sorry about the family illness...makes everything tougher. Don't tell my kids about stuffing things under the bed (they already asked, I already said no), but don't look under mine, m'kay?