Saturday, February 19, 2011

Extremely important news!!!!

Just letting you all know.  There is some extremely important news.


All evidence eaten.


Trish said...

Ohh yum! I bet they were sweet and sun warmed too.

Our forecast today in Southern Ontario?
10 cm of new snow and -7C. Nothing will be sprouting here for a while.

Any more pictures of spring you could post would be lovely, give me hope and all that.

PicklePits said...

Alas, SPRING has SPRUNG! Enjoy, my dear, enjoy!!!

oreneta said...

Trish, they were delicious and sun warmed. I will try for more pictures...though it is raining today...blech.

Picklepits, I am!!!!

elpadawan said...

reminds me of the recipe for a very nice asparagus and pancetta risotto, with parmiggiano and truffle oil... Yum.

J.G. said...

What, no photos????


Mother Theresa said...


oreneta said...

ElP, you're making me hungry.

JG..this weekend, we are going this weekend, if I don't go sooner.

Mother T, indeed!!!!

elpadawan said...

Sorry. Had to make you hungry. You made me jealous in the first place :p

oreneta said...

OK, ElP, I guess we're even steven then.