Thursday, February 3, 2011

I actually kinda know the answer to this.

You know those girls in grade school?  The ones who went out of their way to create problems for everyone?  The ones who said things that begin with, 'don't take offence, but...'.  Know what?  If you're going to start a sentence with that, shut the f*ck up, and don't say it.  OK?

If you are going to start a sentence with, 'don't tell anyone, but...'.  see above.

THEN they turn on each other, like wolves who have spotted a weakness in the pack.  Do wolves actually do that?

I kinda do know the answer to why girls do this, and continue to do this into high school.  Really, I do.  I don't like it, but I kinda get it, honestly.

Nonetheless I sometimes truly wonder why it is that:

Girls are sometimes so darned nasty to each other.

 Youngest is mid-blast amongst this kind of political maneuvering.  She is even talking in her sleep these days.  Poor thing. 



The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Oh man, my high school years were made up of this crap and sad to say, I bought into it. I was the one who was constantly laughed at, dissed, tortured emotionally. I didn't understand why either, I still don't. Other than it's a right of passage in a way, a sad one at that. And an unnecessary one. I have a similar dream to MLK, jr. Can't we all agree to be different and yet equal? And on the note of being different (and angst), sounds like the Chuckmeister kind of wore himself out the other day. That kind of primal behaviour is like the high school crap, simply feral. (without in any way meaning to suggest Chuck is cat-like.)

Mother Theresa said...

Unfortunately, some people continue doing this well past high school, but I guess those years teach us how to deal with such people. Sorry to hear that you daughter is having to deal with this stuff right now.

Helen said...

Sadly some people carry on doing it all their lives. The daughter of a friend has just quit a job because she was being bullied by her supervisor.

Tya said...

I'm sorry! tell her to be strong and this might be cliché but: just to not lose herself. I think we all went through something similar at one time or another... heck I still live with it everyday! You just gotta hang on. Best of luck! :)

kate said...

Yuck. Sorry this is going on.

You might be interested in this book discussion:

You can read the rest of the posts by clicking on the label "Sunday Book Club) at the bottom of the post. It sounds like it is geared for elementary (primary school) but there might be something worth reading.

In any case, it's got to be hard to watch your daughter go through this. Hope she can weather it with aplomb.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, boys in the schoolyard are not necessarily better. The bullying is just a bit more physical.

oreneta said...

Did you have a rough time ElP? School can be such a drag. Fortunately the tide of emotions has washed another way and things seem rather better now.