Friday, February 18, 2011

I would be excited if I weren't still cold.

Guess who showed up today!


We're hooked up!!!!

That seems like that would be it,

Now we have to get the technician for the caldera - hot water and heat system- the technician for the stove and the contractor to all come as closely as possible on the same day.  You see, the internal system is currently butane, and they have to change a valve or something internally to the machines for them to burn gas, then the contractor has to make the final connection to the gas mains on the street.

So.  I figure we have to get the caldera guy and the contractor here on, as near as possible, the same day so we have hot water and, and, and, and h-e-a-t!  The stove can pipe directly off a tank in the kitchen if need be while we wait for that technician and then we only have to co-ordinate two trades, rather than three....

Easy peasy, no?


Mother Theresa said...

Easy peasy in Spain? Right! Good luck, I hope it will be fixed soon.

oreneta said...