Saturday, February 12, 2011

The party

All went well, as you might have imagined it would.

Most people came, no one stayed for the entire thing, thank goodness, and all went well.  I wildly over-catered, which means that we are eating very heartily today, and they liked some of the food so much that I am now giving out recipes left, right and center.


It ended more or less on time, and I have gotten to meet some people I otherwise wouldn't have, which is good too.  You know, spouses of and all that.

Had a four hour nap today, which was an utter delight and let me catch up on my sleep.  Also, and this is the biggest advantage of it all, we cleared a whole lot of little things off the to-do list.  Painted Youngest's room, though the architect, who came too, was concerned about the humidity and we will probably have further meetings on the matter, we got a lot of lights up, curtains on doors that needed them...that sounds odd, but we have a door in the very back that leads into a storage area which is almost disasterously damp, so we took the glass out of the door, which effectively dealt with the damp, but was a might unsightly in the dining room as it is a storage space; hence the curtain.

We also got stickes off things we haven't bothered taking them off of before, I know, lazy lazy lazy, but there it is.

All is well, and a lot of fun was had, I hope.




thecatalanway said...

Well done! Enjoy your days of rest. It's such a good idea to have a party on a Friday and then have the weekend to recover.

K x

Trish said...

Glad it all went well *phew* now you can relax and enjoy some of the fruits of your labors.

PicklePits said...

Congrats on the sucessful party. Feel free to post recipes along with your photos :-)

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Wonderful! Just as a party should be. My parents built a home in 1978 and failed to get a door knob on one of the doors. They finally fixed it....when they sold the house twenty years later.

oreneta said...

K....that is an upside without a doubt!

Trish, hmm, maybe I'll go downstairs to eat something!

Picklepits, recipies to come!

Hula, those stupid little jobs that never get done. Hate 'em. Still have a couple on the list, but not nearly so many as there were! Nothing like working to a deadline.

J.G. said...

Yay! So glad it was fun, and now you get a well-deserved, satisfied rest. Did people understand the build-your-own-combos?

kate said...

Great! It's fun to hear about a party, especially one with cool food and a good mix of people.

oreneta said...

JG...indeed! I never got to the build your own, I had too much food anyway, and miscalculated the amount of time I would spend giving tours versus being able to cook. Ah well.

Kate, it was good, lots of folks and they seemed to have a reasonable time, I hope.

Mother Theresa said...

Glad to hear it turned out so well. Now you can rest. :)

oreneta said...

You said it sister!