Saturday, April 23, 2011



The man is doing better,, but better.  He even managed to stagger around the St Jordi event today, then went kind of pale and came home to two naps, but still a massive improvement.  I abandoned him, at his urging, and went into BCN today....


St Jordi in BCN is something to behold.  OMG the numbers of people out was truly astonishing.  I don't think a single solitary person could have been in their apartment.  E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E. was out!

I went to Caixa Forum and saw a show about Tetihuacan what was cool, and there wasn't much else on there, well a piece on Haiti, that I should have seen but just didn't want to.


I went over in the lovely sunshine to MNAC, and saw a show there about Realism, I saw some neat stuff there too, some teeny tinsy Rembrandts - I love Rembrandt - and a lot of Courbet, I saw some Picassos, always a pleasure, it is amazing how his paintings dominate a room.

Then I went and visited some of my favorites, some Rusignols, and Casas and Mirs.....


Then, as it is St Jordi, I had to go and buy a book.  Oh the penance of the day!

One for me, Jonathan Safran Foer, Everything is Illuminated, and one for the man I was given a book in the metro...well I almost wasn't....the lady handing them out looked me over and marked me as a in not a local....and I went on past peering at what she had in her hand.  When I got a little further and realised that everyone had a free book I went back and asked for one!  YEAH!

Then a couple of the neighbourhood teens gave me a rose and St Jordi's was complete!!!! (I even got a walk in the mountain in and finished another third of the homework!)

WHAT a lovely day.

.......later..........shhhhhhhh, the man in well enough to be in the kitchen cooking his own meal!!!!  Bliss.  Happy St. Jordi's day darling, you've made mine!