Friday, April 1, 2011


Today has been long and hard.  In WAY too many ways.  I got a lot of blog fodder anyway.  Not helped by going to bed at 4am.  Why?  That's another blog post.

Bad stuff, I'm not tallying that up right now.

Let's count the good stuff.

  1. I got some really important work finished today, against considerable technological odds.  YEAH!  Only needed one break sitting outside in the sun breathing deeply and reading a good book for a few minutes.
  2. It was another beautiful sunny day.  I sat out in the sun at lunch AGAIN and life was good, especially when the man had mercy on me and made me lunch, and brought it all the way to the terrace for me, and the paracetamol kicked in and the tea was ready all at the same time.
  3. The teens I taught today were HAPPY!  IncREADibly loud, but happy.
  4. I read to the kids and they brushed my hair.  Bliss
  5. Nomad and I are talking about a collaborative installation work for the summer that would also include TRAVEL!!!!  Long shot, but SUPER exciting.... I've been cracking grins all day, just thinking about it...(thanks JG for bringing the idea up!  Made my (otherwise kind of crappy) day!
  6. I whipped out two, count 'em two paintings that I am in LOVE with.
  7. I'm thinking I'm going to show.

My eyes are burning out of my head.  NO Catalan homework done today and that's just TOO BAD!


Here they are:  I ain't measuring today, too tired.  Biggish.

Both acrylic, watercolour and marker on paper.


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Yup, yup, yup, let's start but counting the blessings:

- amazing, stunning, moving paintings on your part
- you sat outside in the SUN where much of the eastern seabord was COVERED IN the "S" word (snow) and was, for the large part, dismal
- that's enough for me who is looking at the tiniest of shoots coming out of the ground despite the subzero temperature (I guess these plants have their own personal time clock) - such a salute to life after hibernation.

J.G. said...

You are so welcome! I'm happy thinking I made you smile transAtlantically. Having a Secret Big Idea is a lot of fun, isn't it?

I love these paintings, too (especially the second one!). Amazing lines.

Anonymous said...

Always keep the good stuff in mind ;)

oreneta said...

Bodhi, I did think of you and point out to some folks as we were sunburning on the dock that there was still snow in Canada. There are those spring shoots! Thanks about the paintings!

JG...secrets are fun...and I'm glad you like them.

ElP....gotta, or you wear out your teeth in no time.

Nomad said...

Wow, I am in love with them too!

How very cool!

yes it is a very exciting idea...not sure how we can pull it off, suspect convincing the husbands will be the toughest part! (only because mine would really like to go too!)

oreneta said...

Yeah, it needs some thinking...for me it is because it falls in my only two weeks of vacation, which would seem good, but we all REALLY want to get some sailing in. ho hum.